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  1. For Auld Lang Syne

    I don't mind hearing people complain. It's just when it's people that privately hunt uniques and then complain about not having equal chance at an event....
  2. Blackmoor Christmas Impalong 2018

    Trbovlje will be there as much as possible to imp some shields.
  3. 2000 bricks to a bsb

    It's not OCD, it's CDO dammit!
  4. Rare Range Pole - 98QL

    Anything can be used as a weapon
  5. found - close

    I might have something for you, Pm me when u see me on.
  6. Marketing plan timeline

    Any time is a good time for some advertizing, If we wait for teh best time, we can wait forever.
  7. Rare Range Pole - 98QL

    I'd bit if it was a dance pole...
  8. Winners have been messaged can close

    1s on shield
  9. WTB French hens

    when were those handed out?
  10. a few years ago... ROFL i guess u really do lose the feeling for time in wurm
  11. We have a village with an empty spot on Exodus if that would interest you.
  12. Community Warning

    Well, knowing Pagani, if teh fella asked for that sword, he would get it. Sorry it had to come to this.
  13. The Crusaders Merchant

    free bump just got a wagon and i love it
  14. bye bye thingies

    send that ql51 pick to trbovlje