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  1. WTS Red Tome last charge - 35s

    I'll go for that. Fire it my way, Same name and all that.
  2. Boats drifting away naturally without anchor

    I've wondered even if there was drift for the sub 100% metals what the bonus above 100 could do, anchor your boats with more than 100% effectiveness.
  3. Not test the other lurker casts. Woods cannot be cast on a pendulum that already has it. The pendulum is already enchanted with something that would negate the effect.
  4. *hic* Cake's a lie *burp*

    It wont be the same with you sober. Gz
  5. Dead spot in UI

    Not sure if related. I get similar behavior sometimes after I contribute to one of the missions and the mission contribution popup doesn't quite go away properly. It is however top left instead of middle left.
  6. The Golden Valley Server

    Not seeing any evidence of people using it as a private server, or indeed as a hunting server which was the old complaint. I'm not sure there spawns there any more.
  7. Merry Christmas release

    Brainer and I have got you a gift, As I am very unoriginal it's the same thing I got you last time. It's a Canal It's a great Northern Canal so we've called it "Great Northern Canal" With thanks to: Gaffer, Barricade, Explora, Ehizelbob, Carrera, Finn, Deri, Jarislief, Fairyshine, Yuri, Shadyone. They swung picks they strong walled or they made supports. Special mention to Moosig who basically rearranged his whole deed on the south end to allow the road to pass through and the allow for better access by boat. Honorary mention to Fitch/Chubby who dug the canal linking the little lake to Spawn lake (which has now been dredged to allow for deep water passage). If you're trying to find it on the North coast you'll see the obelisk, it comes out west of Venalicium Draconis even though it's East on the map, it is a straight line N/S from the lake though.
  8. Merry Christmas release

    It wasn't too bad, certainly less reinforced tile in the way to worry about than the last one. I keep editing that post as I remember people who contributed
  9. Release Community Map

    New canal in the north, Great Northern canal, between the little lake West of SS and the North shore. The southern most one linking the lakes is the canal Chubby posted about previously I don't know it's name it's not currently marked on the map.
  10. Do you like the new fishing system?

    When referring to metal hooks not working, they are metal fishing hooks right, not the other kind for toolbelts?
  11. Personal Goals Shutdown

    I will say for my apparent lack of sympathy if you're stuck with imp to 99 or catch a 175 kg fish then best of luck.
  12. Personal Goals Shutdown

    They did announce this back when they altered the goals. That the system would get no more work becasue it was being ditched and there would be a limited time to complete the goals. I honestly thought with the 3 month limiter on it that the system was to be gone in 3 months from that point.
  13. I strongly suspect but do not have similar evidence that the same has happened to me with opening sealed amphora.
  14. Rite Spell Improvements

    Vyn casts of RoS seem to be fewer lately I suspect it's that there remains a high follwer count but the prayers were mainly the priests many of whom have switched.Though it is still cast it's more often the Nahjo cast lately.
  15. Recycle tools

    If there were some advantage to imping the tool head and the reattaching them I could see a use to burning the handle out, for just the lump as Cecci said the smelting pot. Maybe turning wooden items to scrap might be useful so as not to have piles of accidental yokes next to forges.
  16. actual fruit press please

    I kind of feel without a regular use for/ trade in wine that it would be solving a problem that will gradually become less of a problem as people get the goal done. It is a problem though, juicing is more wrestling with the UI than actually playing a game, needing to drag and drop 1300 times to empty the thing is highlighting it.
  17. The Wurm Economy Problem

    I know you're using it as an example but just seeing distil 5k alcohol is giving me a twitch. There might also be less dramatic ways of introducing ways of making things consumable. The grape is a good example though because of the North/South division of green and blue if the goal was 2.5k of each red and whilte wine or if you're making a potion of temporary horse speed +.5 m/s and it needs both green and blue then there'd be a reason to trade. In the mean time I can only imagine there'll be quite a bit of forestry skillgain and more grape in the ground for next season, the price might not last but there will at least be something moving on the market.
  18. Mystery Tile

    So yesterday evening I was travelling and had a window pop up congratulating me on finding the days mystery tile, It had a key to redeem. Key didn't function as already redeemed or invalid. I don't know if I've found something old or something that was a part of the anniversary event. Anybody else had similar?
  19. Mystery Tile

    Oh that is quite old then.
  20. Forest Giant

    Don't sail to the northern coast and try to walk south unless you're comfortable with dealing with the lots of agro mobs Uisge mentioned. Take one of the canals into spawn lake or Wyvern lake
  21. Patch Notes 08/MAR/18

    I am unsure if this is some items were not taking damage where they should like say food or if the bug was that it was behaving like inventory making it a place to keep a spare whetstone or pelt or such. I've stuck a low ql whetstone in a bag to watch for decay.
  22. Zig-zagging catseyes

    Roll with what we have I'd say. It'd be such a massive pain in the ass to add a junction to a 3 wide that had 2 lanes on it for aesthetic reasons. It's already a massive pain to knock out catseyes to adjust a zig zag to allow for a junction.
  23. Wine barrel rarity not affecting affinity output

    Varies by woodscrap normally I'm not sure barrel comes into it in any way. I've never tried a rare scrap, will do with the next one i lay hands on though.
  24. Have you Scored a Affinity yet?

    Miscellaneous items has increased to rank 1 affinity Was doing a little repairing and picked it up and hour ago. Happened to notice it just now.
  25. Happy Christmas Release

    I got you a late Christmas present.