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  1. Almost the same on release yesterday, traitor mission completed no new magranon mission appeared. The complete mission is not showing in the listings at all neither success nor fail though.
  2. Generally if you drop something on a persons deed you can pick it back up again including from within storage. If you want to allow access to items independent of a structures pickup rules place them in some separately controlled inventory like a cart. There may be a neater way of doing that but it's not coming to me right now.
  3. Woodscrap will work for anything you don't distill, for those that you do all you have is the still rarity.
  4. Reproducible, but I am fairly sure this is to prevent being able to see things in forests by turning off trees
  5. A key modifier to drag one of an item would be a fairly solid addition, Shift drag but for bulk things. @elentari I don't know about the sequencing that seems like a bridge too far. Having a retrieve item x from hovered over fsb or something might be on but having a sequence that then goes on to pulling kindling from a different container would be a nightmare to create. The instance of drop previous though that could be something to prod at. Drop active to hovered, drop from container to hovered, drop x of each from highlighted stacks to hovered The response to this should always be: Struggling with the UI is not gameplay. Fight me.
  6. Here we have the humble tar of unknowing quality being dropped in the fuel bsb, Here we have the same humble tar which is QL 36 with no damage but no idea which bin that is, could do with retaining that info
  7. I have had the same issue on Release with a champ traitor troll and a champ troll mission at the same time. In addition to the details as above I also got a personal contribution toward the kill the traitor mission when it died but it's showing 1%.
  8. Also if you're going to screw around with hosts remember to get rid of it at some point as if the Ip ever shifts you'll have problems
  9. C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc (Win10) added;
  10. Was getting the same have just sorted it, have added to the hosts file.
  11. I think I was following a chicken around at minimum range.
  12. I bound taunt, horse flicked it's head while I was using it and that was a stressful few seconds getting rid of the weapons before the taunt timer which wouldn't be interrupted finished
  13. So looking at the time stamps both skill transfers had 2065 entries in the log, might be the limit.
  14. Went back and forth twice, got skill gains in differing skills I think it's more likely it's not transferring everything in one go.
  15. I'll go for that. Fire it my way, Same name and all that.