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  1. I think I was following a chicken around at minimum range.
  2. I bound taunt, horse flicked it's head while I was using it and that was a stressful few seconds getting rid of the weapons before the taunt timer which wouldn't be interrupted finished
  3. So looking at the time stamps both skill transfers had 2065 entries in the log, might be the limit.
  4. Went back and forth twice, got skill gains in differing skills I think it's more likely it's not transferring everything in one go.
  5. I'll go for that. Fire it my way, Same name and all that.
  6. I've wondered even if there was drift for the sub 100% metals what the bonus above 100 could do, anchor your boats with more than 100% effectiveness.
  7. Not test the other lurker casts. Woods cannot be cast on a pendulum that already has it. The pendulum is already enchanted with something that would negate the effect.
  8. It wont be the same with you sober. Gz
  9. Not sure if related. I get similar behavior sometimes after I contribute to one of the missions and the mission contribution popup doesn't quite go away properly. It is however top left instead of middle left.
  10. Not seeing any evidence of people using it as a private server, or indeed as a hunting server which was the old complaint. I'm not sure there spawns there any more.
  11. It wasn't too bad, certainly less reinforced tile in the way to worry about than the last one. I keep editing that post as I remember people who contributed
  12. New canal in the north, Great Northern canal, between the little lake West of SS and the North shore. The southern most one linking the lakes is the canal Chubby posted about previously I don't know it's name it's not currently marked on the map.
  13. Brainer and I have got you a gift, As I am very unoriginal it's the same thing I got you last time. It's a Canal It's a great Northern Canal so we've called it "Great Northern Canal" With thanks to: Gaffer, Barricade, Explora, Ehizelbob, Carrera, Finn, Deri, Jarislief, Fairyshine, Yuri, Shadyone. They swung picks they strong walled or they made supports. Special mention to Moosig who basically rearranged his whole deed on the south end to allow the road to pass through and the allow for better access by boat. Honorary mention to Fitch/Chubby who dug the canal linking the little lake to Spawn lake (which has now been dredged to allow for deep water passage). If you're trying to find it on the North coast you'll see the obelisk, it comes out west of Venalicium Draconis even though it's East on the map, it is a straight line N/S from the lake though.
  14. When referring to metal hooks not working, they are metal fishing hooks right, not the other kind for toolbelts?
  15. I will say for my apparent lack of sympathy if you're stuck with imp to 99 or catch a 175 kg fish then best of luck.