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  1. Ring was already sold. but I sent you the quiver. Thanks I'll send you a PM. Yes for now at least. Too busy irl, no time to play
  2. No prices set, just make offers. All items located at D24 coastal xanadu. Pickup only for items that cannot be mailed. I am very busy irl atm, so it may take up to 24+ hours for me to answer. You can reach me here in forums(best way) or in discord(Acri#3666). I accept both silvers and € through paypal(1s/1e). RARES: RARE FURNITURE/DECO: COLLECTIBLES: HOTAs WAGONS: RARE TRANSPORTS: random tools: random weapons and armor:
  3. Looking to buy 30s for 30 euros with paypal. Bought. Can be closed
  4. Just tested and yes, the horse went buggy right after disabling GLSL support
  5. The newborn hell horses have these weird spikes on their backs. It seems to be related to settings since with better graphics settings it looked normal.
  6. Can't wait to see what the wagon looks like In the mean time.....Could you cod one banner to Acrisius please
  7. thanks! you forgot to add Heathenville though Also 7055, -949 Dominion Market has disbanded