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  1. When standing on a flat rock tile, you cannot level another rock tile that is below the tile you're standing on. It just gives a "you cannot dig in the solid rock" event message, even though the leveling action itself wouldn't require digging (only filling with dirt). Is this intended?
  2. bump! lots of new items and rares added including enchanted stuff!
  3. 7066, -1065 Oceanview Estates has disbanded and has been replaced by Heathenville. 7056, -968 Port Rock Hudson has disbanded.
  4. Sent from my alt (Crisius). Thank you
  5. bump! accepting slate shards as payment as well
  6. Anyone else have this problem?
  7. got a shovel affinity \o/ and another shovel affinity
  8. "help mee please I'm sinking.....!"
  9. bump. Added stone slabs in stock. Reduced price on a couple of items
  10. sent. Thanks
  11. bump, accepting strongwall casts as payment again
  12. bump, willing to trade for strongwall services too, read first post for details
  13. I'm still here against all odds....they must be doing something right <3 thanks! Now...I need another drink before logging in.. I love wurm <3
  14. bump! added some clay for sale and reduced some of the prices