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  1. Cod on Pastor. thx.
  2. 2x ada lump - 1s/each sturdy large chest skin - 1s If ok lumps can be cod and we can arrange pickup for the skin.
  3. [22:40:08] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. Thanks!
  4. Supreme steel Shovel of Gravedigger - Item used by me mainly for bury corpses, but can be also very useful for other purposes. Comes with Glimmersteel rune of Libila and 101 BotD Staring Bid - 40s Minimum Increments - 1s Snipe Protection - 1 Hour Buyout - 80s Private bids - Accepted - not reported
  5. Awesome idea. Especially windmills sounds interesting. +1
  6. Lonely Kyklops

    Seems our dead friend had some bad feeling about our intentions, and smartly collapsed some rocks before I open cave. Anyway finally he has meet his destination and find some rest in calm cool place just under walnut tree at the front yard of my deed. As he was very sociable I will do my best for not letting him wait too long for some new friends in nearby graves.
  7. Lonely Kyklops

    C'mon Platyna. I believe you can read map to which link I posted above More or less Its somewhere between M and L 21.
  8. Lonely Kyklops

    I am afraid this spot is not covered by any coastal local area. However below you can find link with exact location marked. If you plan to come from west or north then the best spot for leave your boats is at south shore of bay next to Kykroldo deed. In case you would come from east or south then shore near Moonlight deed seems to be better (shore is few tiles from deed border so you should have no problems with hitching horses there). In both cases there are approx 2 minutes of cart driving to party location. Deed named Town of Sussex, but tower guard in center of the field should be best direction marker for you. There is a camp filed (with nearby guard tower) where you can put your tents and where your alts can feel bit safer (guards are bribed already so they wont disturb).,1099
  9. Lonely Kyklops

    Driving home today a Venerable Kyklops cross my path. We talked a bit and he told me that he is quite lonely here and would like to meet some new friends. I promised to bring few folks to him and make soon some party together. He agreed to wait for me in one of nearby caves by next few days. So I am inviting all of you for Friday party which will occur here on Exo. Bring your alts, friends or sisters to get some leatherworking blood... and maybe dance with this unique creature Loot is private and will not be rolled. Events start at Friday 21:00CET Exact location and trip advises will be posted here ~12hours before slay. I just think I forget to tell him that everybody will be armed...
  10. Don't want go coin for coin to my limit so for save our time 30s and hope Gerboa will not pay more this time
  11. 8s for rare 2h. cod on me if ok please.