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  1. 8s for rare 2h. cod on me if ok please.
  2. 4x (first four from the top of the list) rare horse shoes, iron and rare hatchet for 8s. Cod to Pastor if accepted.
  3. I couldn't get there on time, but I am sure it was great event. Thanks for make it public!
  4. I think 15 minutes of delay would be really appreciate.
  5. bump for reduced price
  6. Hello! I have 2x 75QL Cedarwood Active beehive's for sale - 2s each. Possible coastal delivery. Pls contact me in game or post your order in forum. Pastor
  7. ahh didn't know thanks for the advice!
  8. Hello, I want to sell some of my rares. Here they are: Everything except bow is mailable. You can order here or PM me in game
  9. please send to Pastor!!!!!

  10. Hi, #19 - please send to Pastor