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  1. Trying to find owner

    Reddragon should be proper person for discuss any topic related with Strong Badia satelites deeds.
  2. Well, word "disapointed" doesn't express even half of my disapointing about this... cactus and last exploration "update".
  3. I also sugest to prohibit players to wear blue t-shirts when playing game. Thinking that someone wear such color make me feel uncomfortable. Kindly please also do something with sounds which comming from outside of my apratment These birds singing all the time makes me creazy!
  4. It has been already fixed by Pomona however I will definetelly verify if some extra point appear after next rift. Thanks all for advices!
  5. Hi Guys, So here are answers on all above questions: @Shydowno, it would be 34; @FinnI am aware about that, but as I had over 100 points I believe it should be counted @Pomonajust checked and unfortunatelly nothing changed.
  6. Hey, Today, after completed rift on Exo, my jurnal goal named "close 100 rifts" didn't change. As far as I know it is known problem, but unfortunatelly I was unable to find previous reports about it on forum. Here is more details about whole situation: Character name: Pastor Rift date and sever: 04/04/22, Exodus DId I loged out soon after rift ended/changed server/experienced client crash etc.: No Additional remarks: After geeting a message about rift shut and receive mm lump/other standard rift stuff vlaue of my completed rifts in jurnal didn't change. I have tryied to re-log to see it that maybe help, but without positive results.
  7. Gz to the winner! @IkaDemandred let me know toon name on which I have to send an item.
  8. Auction extended by one hour because of sniper protection so if no more bids appear will end in 13 minutes from now.
  9. Rare Open Helm, steel 92ql, with Aura of Shared Pain on it Starting bid: 5s Increment (minimum): 1s Reserve: No Buyout: 20s Sniper Protection: 1 hour Private Bids: None