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  1. I kind of forgot that but since a good month we have another URL for the forum post if you feel like sharing this project around: easier to remember
  2. Plus I want to Greets Whippy and SirFluffy the newly joined workers
  3. -Been starting to work on the south part of the highway (segment E-F) more actively
  4. I have updated the main title to "Indy Highway Project: Magranon's Scar (v2.0)" .added Indy to locate easier .changed revamp for 2.0 to keep track of the version of the main post without having to browse through it, all major changes to the highway might result in a 2.x rename system
  5. And it will have another, or two more turns to that path. If we could modify those nasty Peat tile we could make something even more crazy, but noooo, Peat tiles in the way.
  6. I've been neglected you folks who are following the work of this project. I've been working on the path leading to the Sleeping Hellhound for the last few months and never really took pictures, here a 360° view of it dating from March 21-2014 Path to Sleeping Hellhound (requries the Microsoft Silverlight plugin for your browser) and here a picture of few minutes ago (March 28-2014) Enjoy!
  7. We are in need of digger(s) to help expose the Segment C-D (see map in main post), its a good way to train digging if you are in needs, low skills as well as high skills. Actually high skills will be needed at some point for the height of the slopes that kind of work can create. Everyone is welcome to join.
  8. But again, that title would be more suited to "exorcism 90" than scythe (a farming tool...)
  9. Someone is trolling us at the workstation, that worker only sleep all day long!
  10. you don't want me to draw a colossus, I would get burned for heresy
  11. Here a little drawing I made a year ago to illustrate one of the brainstorm design, I decided to share it with you people. P.S. Don't be scared of my drawing skills
  12. New 360° (more like a 140°) view of the area B (Overview of the area) So now the work will be focused on: -The Diagonal B<->C -The Inn Platform (the marble block on top) (Need that mound to be mined down) -The Path to that Platform -Exposing the rock along C<->D