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  1. What server can you deliver? Will take it if easy delivery. or cod
  2. I will take it... 20s for 20euros Paypal verified Thanks
  3. Needing someone to work on Colossus. Will pay 1.5s per 1k work Approx 4000 work needed to finish. Anyone interested contact me or Booskie Thanks Fujimo
  4. Was a good turnout, thanks for all that participated.
  5. You will all refer to me by the name... Betty http://youtu.be/pz1rjq5emKY
  6. I will do buyout if you cod Thanks Fujimo
  7. cod to Fujimo please... Thanks
  8. btw i just have a clarification on sniper rule. Thought the sniper rule was for a person bidding that hasnt been involved in the bidding to begin with. Tried to find the post on this but couldnt find it anywhere... use to be a stickie. ie sniper someone outside the area trying to pick something off with one and only shot? It that is not it i was permature in what i thought was my winning bid