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  1. Ya Ive noticed that they disappear. Kind of a hastle is all. Thanks for the info.
  2. I am running a hosted server with several mods including better digging, one tile mining, and wyvern mods. i am having weird results while surface mining where rock shards drop that are not able to be picked up or destroyed by a GM. It also leaves rock shards in a long string instead of a pile. There is an error that they dont exist. Could this be a clash between mods? Please let me know if anyone has had this issue and how to fix it.
  3. How do you set wand settings for cave dwellings? There are no instructions with the beta.
  4. Always a pleasure doing business with Bakhita and crew, longtime friend. Great selection, great prices. Speedy service.
  5. If you are looking for better pricing, you may want to work on support skills like ropemaking, cloth tailoring, farming, fishing skills.
  6. i see you are in england so i will have to be this weekend. im in the US. so time zone issues apply
  7. Im interested in buying a Sol Demon Hota Statue. Please let me know if you have one and where exactly to pick up.
  8. I have one 51.92QL Star Sapphire I would like to sell. Message me here or Ntxtreme in game. Asking 3 Silver.
  9. I want Superhero jammies for my horses. Batman equestrian style.
  10. if you would be interested. I have about 130 cedars i planted just off deed that can be cut. Planted them for the impalong but only have 35 WC. Im at k25 Wyrstone Coast.
  11. So they made it so you cant dig at the end of bridges. What about people who terraformed and cant add dirt back to the end. Are we just out of luck or have to destroy and rebuild?
  12. Misty Dragon is a nice sized deed with a nice availabilty of resources. Also nice to see this in the northern part of Xanadu. Im in to help with setting up the deed amenities.
  13. Viper's Vantage Deed For Sale Size: 39x29 Location: Pristine (X9,Y7) (S11 in game map) On the edge of the desert but close to the shore to the south. Has a mine connected to deed but currently not on deed which contains multiple marble veins, as well as silver and iron veins. Building list includes: 1 6x5 5 story Stone Chapel 1 8x6 Stone storage building 1 5x5 wooden storage building 2 3x3 wooden houses, 1 2 story 1 4x4 wooden house 2 story 1 5x4 warehouse 2 story wood/stone small farm with gatehouse 8x7 pasture 60QL Guard Tower on deed Rare stone Vyn altar 3 mailboxes (65, 66, 81 Courier casts) Entire deed is walled in and surrounded by Cedar and Maple trees. Will be leaving behind many items, materials, and forges. Pics available here: http://imgur.com/a/dDtHL Asking 20S for all as is May negotiate price. Contact Ntxtreme in game or on Forums.
  14. May be able to trim grass to lawn if on deed to control growth.
  15. If you have a 64bit operating system and want to run wurm in 64bit. You need a 64bit browser. One is Foxfire by mozilla. Internet Explorer doesn't run 64bit easily if at all. Give that a try and see if it works.
  16. if anyone likes any of the parts i have it for Deed Planner 2 Alpha.
  17. Just for S & G's this is what i had drawn up. Kinda plain but something for thought. http://imgur.com/a/8lWpq