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  1. Please CoD - QL 90 Large Maul LT90 N71 C70 MS61 + Selfhealer's Demise (4.4s) To Frogface, ty
  2. Game crashes on startup

    Hopefully it is, and it isn't something less convenient. Alright thanks, i'll update later!
  3. Game crashes on startup

    Hello everyone, Today I've tried running wurm online after a long time and unfortunately it crashed a second after the client opened. I hope this log will help someone with finding a solution
  4. Can't connect to release(timed out)

    Fixed it, topic can be locked
  5. It times out right when i try to enter. I tried pinging, 005, 006. 005 timed out, the rest worked fine, according to the wiki freedom005 is pristine which is kinda odd considering i'm on release . Help please
  6. Feedback request on fence stuff

    So there is some discussion when it comes to safe enclosure on freedom servers, i strongly disagree with flying and there's a reason why premium players choose to stay in the freedom cluster rather than the epic cluster, personally i choose to play the game because i can choose when i can interact with other people. I don't have to interact with other people unless i choose to which makes this game unlike single player special because it allows players to do as they please and to ignore other people but yet they can still choose to work with others. Allowing players to break enclosure in freedom via flying or any other way will allow the theft of personal belongings of others something that will hurt the whole "i'm free to do as i please" part of the freedom cluster, it will be hard to have farms, tree farms, animals as other players will be able to just destroy all you're working on. But then you may say, "oh well if you care so much about your stuff, deed it ya hippy" oh well what about new players, i'm sure 99% of all current players didn't instantly buy premium and set up deeds and it most likely took some time for people to decide weather should they keep playing or not. as new players will see that people can just steal their things and pillage them, they'll be turned down by this game and so the amount of players who play this game will drop and it isn't like this game is popular as it is. I'd suggest to forget about flying as the game is good as it is without it, and if eager to getting rid of enclosures you might as well not put it on all worlds to not ruined the game completely because the game's mechanics are good as they are atm, and there isn't a reason to change them.