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  1. He's not asking to afk, He still has to use the item to reset his 3 hour preach tick. Along with a tiny skill tick. instead of having 4 alts in locale. Big difference to what you are thinking.
  2. On WO yes Not on Steam. Seeing development is geared to steam launch, The p2w mechanics is worth talking about.
  3. Are you referring to traders ? because this is a indirect cash shop. same could be say with normal skills, we have coc or BotD items. and dont forget about meditation this spell have been cut in have with the coc/BoTD What the OP post proposes is to get rid of lag from all this alts. It's not a perfect solution but, at the end of the day players will still use alts till something better comes alone.
  4. The game it's self can be considered p2w its just on how you put a spin on it. I could argue someone come new to the game brings in 11 bus and buys all the highs cast of coc with silver they bought from the store. If you want to be fair about calling something 2pw you need to put it on a slider from 1 to 10 . 1 being the least and 10 being completely. Yes "sermoning" is meant to be in groups, but with different time zones, travel times, real life, and most important low population this really isn't always the most "efficient" use of time, thus having this option would be helpful as an option and productive.
  5. I've often wounder about this, why they wouldn't put in a mechanic system like this. I've talked about tit to people they seem to like the idea. and now with the 2s alts, i agree this would hit on performance with alts. just use the npc( merchants, traders, wagoner,bartender) we already have in the game and pay their up keep with coin like an alt.
  6. Seeing we are on the topic of mag. The only thing mag as a new spell that makes sense, doesn't wreck the market would be a spell that raises a corner spell, and before someone says concrete. mag already has strongwall, if properly balanced in the spell table, and add maybe a limit to cast per day. This I fell would not harm the market. Because, lets face, it 50 picks with an pickaxe isn't much after a strongwall. But might bring a QoL to mag. Maybe add a market value to that person mag in the way of being more versatile in fixing mines.
  7. Full Steam Ahead

    We are now in the days of having multiple pc or laptops and or both. just like back in the day with tv's first every house hold had one then 2 then three. same with the radio. If a gamer sees a use for the extra client they will use it. trust me. as for virtual ext ext i believe that's not allowed. but haven't looked in to it.
  8. Just remove imbues and call it a day....
  9. Full Steam Ahead

    Don't worry you can bank money on there being alts. Nothing stopping anyone from having more then one steam account.
  10. Yes there are few i know of that do just what Finnn said. Question is this once linked to steam, does it then become an only steam launch. Or do you still have the option to load in either platform. Some games allow this, and others do not.
  11. berry flavoured gin is what you get . i have it in my cookbook I also have this one in my book. Sometime it take more liquid for it to tick over in your cookbook.
  12. Before mid 2020, problematic in a short time frame. Not saying they shouldn't be on deed or in a house, issue is with the permission system, locks and lock picking/steeling mechanics on pve. if you were around those days with all the issues. You will know how much of a headache this was. I hope you get your wish. But i wouldn't count on it. with bigger issues like pvp mechanics. (summary it all up, time is the relevant factor here, too little) P.S. In my opinion, It's working on pve. Don't fix something that's working. If you want to loot stuff. Find a fallen deed. Or better yet go to pvp. You can do what you like there.
  13. you can view all the history, search in the forums. There still is one that i know of that's never been fixed yet, but I'm not going to advertise, the dev's know about it. crop growth vs losing some valuable stuff due to a bug big difference there.
  14. but it's not a clean slate. each cluster aka WO and WS(Wurm Steam) get the same updates and thus same bugs
  15. The problem with this is, and has been an issue in the past were bugs. People lost a lot of things that should have been locked but were not locked due to bugs. it was just simpler and far easier to disallow locking picking at the time. And then came the new permissions system. Everything for the most part was fine since then. Re-open this may cause bigger headache then its worth. Not saying it cant be done. but its just that bugs happen and will happen. Risking this venture may just be too risky. Not say i would not like to see this but it is what it is and there would have to be a strong consensus across the board to even think about this.
  16. I'm not really sure as to why the favor value of sacing an item is under "get price" I remember years age!! The first time I had to ask someone how to check to see the favor value. Now with the steam launch coming up. Maybe make this function of identifying the flavor value more easier to find. example or a new subtext like " get favor value" or something but not under "get price". This is so misleading. p.s. we have a journal mission to sac an item for a 50 favor value i believe. Just might make things easier all around for new players with a small change with drop down text menu
  17. you forgot wisdom for Vynora
  18. Does a person need to be premium to collect item(s)? As for using an item(s), I'm going to guess yes, but is the true? Are the item(s) chr. bond?
  19. just like to point out that the bone isn't supreme "text" bug?
  20. Couple of us were talking, with the dumping of player gods. will the 2nd ability of example digging mining woodcutting ext ext be lost to the 4 remaining gods? so they can only do one main thing again???
  21. This gift Pack. Are the chances of getting an item equal or do some item have a lower chance or higher chance of obtaining it. and if so what are the percentages.
  22. Wish coc'ing a glove had effect on pottery...