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  1. When I go to install a custom map on my dedicated server I run into an error. When I open the server I get a Update Required message with a update game button. It seems that when I click it my custom map is overwritten. Is this a thing that happens? Is there a way top fix it? Am I just doing all the things wrong? Thanks!
  2. I run a local server for myself and a few others. It has been fine for a while but we stopped playing for a couple weeks. Now when I start the server launcher our old server is not in the list. In fact no Adventure mode servers are there. The folder that has our server in it was renamed to _backup. Copying and renaming the folder back to just Adventure did not help.
  3. Axe purchased. Please close.
  4. Due to low interest in this post I am now considering silver as a payment method as well.
  5. WTB a huge axe 75ql+ with nimble and LT, CoC is a plus but not required. I am looking to pay in sleep powder or in some bulk goods. Please let me know what you are looking for pricewise if interested.