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  1. I would like to buy a 90ql archaeology journal please. COD to Zarune. Thanks
  2. The Rift is located at J20 of the in game map and can also be seen here.
  3. Pristine ( or M19 on the in-game map.
  4. 2/8 Rift Location

    Exodus ( or M21 on the in-game map
  5. 2/6 Rift Location

    Rift is located @ X36, Y31 on the Community Map or M20 of the in-game map.
  6. Deliverance ( or G16 of the in-game map. Not all that difficult to get to if you come in from Echo Lake.
  7. I'll buy it. COD to Zarune please
  8. The Rift is located at Celebration ( or P21 of the in-game map. I have a penned area with a mailbox, fountain and Lib and Vyn altars already built. I have the materials onsite for the remaining altars if someone brings a Fo or Mag priest.
  9. The rift location is on top of Troll King Mountain. Exact location is shown here Yaga's Pristine Map. Below is a rough layout of the roads leading up the mountain. I placed some pointing signs along the way in case someone gets turned around.
  10. Or maybe a portal system that is tied to the highway network. The portal could have the same restrictions as summon soul as well as being placed on the highway network like a wagoneer. Make the travel costs 10c per use. Make a master portal at each of the servers capitol villages that would only be connected to other server capitals allowing for cross-server travel.