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  1. Welcome! I too am excited by the renewed interest in the game!
  2. Nice to meet you Eiocs! Hope to see you around at some point!
  3. Oof... Or should I say, woof?
  4. Aww, thanks Oluf!!! I've truly missed it so much!
  5. Hey all! I thought it might be fun for the people of Melody to get to know each other! Feel free to say hello, what your name is, if you've played before, where you live, etc! Anything you'd like to share! Wurm is at its best with friends (and I say this as a mostly solo player) I'll start. Melody character name: Raeylyn Deed: Briar Location: Q16--i think, lol. Always been bad at maps! I'm on the coast in steppe--not at all my usual choice but wanted to mix it up! Plus the rolling steppe hills are gorgeous under the night sky. Prior Wurm Experience: My other character, Raeyn, resides on Pristine. I used to be the mayor of Raven's Landing, but since I haven't been able to play regularly for a few years, I'm rooming with a friend. I also play WU on the server Requiem of Wurm. Also named Raeyn. Fun fact: I'm always bad at these so not sure why I included it, but I have a white cat named Albus and recently took in a stray named Ronin. He is also white. Which is wild. Jury is out on whether Albus will accept him as a lil brother though. I can't wait to meet you all!
  6. That's really interesting! I think if it was tied to number of citizens vs size that could maybe allow both systems to exist?
  7. I really love your idea of differentiating between deeds, villages, towns and cities! It'd be cool to see the game recognize something like this!
  8. As always Malena, huge +1! I'd love for animals to actually behave like living things rather than nearly static objects!
  9. I love this idea for breaking up herds!! In my WU game I have a couple dogs with my cattle even though they don't actually do anything lol. It would be great if dogs could actually have a purpose!
  10. +1!! Not only would this be nice for deeds, but it would also be so refreshing to travel the world and not have every square inch of it covered in trees. I love trees and I love forests, but what I wouldn't do for some more variety in the landscapes of Wurm! ♥ Proper biomes are something I dream of, but I don't really see how they could add them into current servers. Imagine if suddenly your deed became an icy arctic tundra!
  11. Big +1 for sound update! I play with sounds on but sometimes they just aren't enough or don't feel quite right. So I'll turn on ambient farm or forest sounds! I don't know that much can be done for the weird cadence of hitched animals since they run at different speeds from one another. So one horse might be trotting while the other is galloping which doesn't really make sense and results in a really odd sound. Maybe the sound should be based on the speed at which the cart is traveling rather than the horses themselves?
  12. I'm happy to hear advertising is being worked on! When I found out about Wurm it was because I (at the time) ran a gaming blog and had kept a close watch on gaming news. February of 2014 there was an article about Wurm being hit by a DDoS attack. It looked unique and fascinating so I downloaded it that day and fell utterly in love. This may not be the way they hoped to find a new player, but hey, all news is good news I guess? I love what the team has done with the Valrei Entertainment Network, but I'd like to suggest reaching out to other streamers as well about the game. I'm not a Wurm streamer, it's not what people come to my channel for. But every time I do play it, people usually seem interested and curious. They've often never heard of it, nor anything like it. I've even had several viewers start playing on the WU server I'm on. Which brings us to my biggest hurdle with this game: I love it, I adore it to pieces and it's my favorite game to just relax and listen to a podcast or chill after a rough week. But I cannot play it everyday. I can't always play it every week. I'm busy and have a mountain of things on my plate and though I miss WO enormously, I can't justify the price of premium for a single character and my deed when I know I can't play as much as I did when I first started. I don't think that the only people playing Wurm has to be a super dedicated niche of players who can devote a ton of time to it. Every game has both hardcore and casual players. If there can be a way to entice that group of people to play WO instead of, or in addition to, WU, I think a lot more people would be willing to stay. I love my WU server and the people in it, but the thing I miss the most about WO are the friends I had there. This game has a really special community and has continued to be friendliest bunch I've ever played with. So I guess my biggest recommendations would be: give a month of premium in WO to everyone who purchases WU, reach out to streamers/writers/youtubers/podcasters, etc who are known for playing other, similar games. Maybe give them a month of free premium too and some silver to buy a deed and really show their viewers what the game can be like. You could even put them in contact with a VEN member to guide them through the early stages. And lastly, consider finding a way to let both casual and dedicated players coexist. (Without requiring the less active players to have to live with friends. Part of the charm of Wurm is carving out your own place in the wilderness! :D)
  13. As someone who has had to take breaks from this game on occasion for financial reasons (such as right now) I would honestly really love something like this, but only if I wasn't capped at 20. If I kept the skills I had but continued to progress incredibly slowly I would have incentive to, at the very least, keep paying the upkeep on a deed. That said, I can see where this would become an issue once a character is maxed out, or even just at a level where life isn't as miserable (actions don't fail as often, etc). If skills are high enough to get by, what incentive would there be to keep premium?