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  1. Ravenholdt: 2021, 2287 Thanks!
  2. I am SO here for this! It's also what I've been in love with on Cadence. I am shocked that my deed (M 17) hasn't sprouted over yet. There is a pretty wide area of sand, maybe that's what's kept the trees at bay? That said, I am working to fill it in with dirt and will be planting steppe, hopefully it will achieve the same effect. Where are we all located? Perhaps we could assign regions to members and we can periodically travel through our region and cut down any new trees?
  3. I love the idea of swimwear. I typically take off my armor to swim or fish, and now that 3rd person mode exists I'm even more inclined to do so!
  4. I was just thinking about low level hunting mobs the other day! I'd love to see the tracking skill updated to help find creatures (I like the system they have in LiF). Also snares maybe?
  5. Welcome! I too am excited by the renewed interest in the game!
  6. Nice to meet you Eiocs! Hope to see you around at some point!
  7. Oof... Or should I say, woof?
  8. Aww, thanks Oluf!!! I've truly missed it so much!
  9. Hey all! I thought it might be fun for the people of Melody to get to know each other! Feel free to say hello, what your name is, if you've played before, where you live, etc! Anything you'd like to share! Wurm is at its best with friends (and I say this as a mostly solo player) I'll start. Melody character name: Raeylyn Deed: Briar Location: Q16--i think, lol. Always been bad at maps! I'm on the coast in steppe--not at all my usual choice but wanted to mix it up! Plus the rolling steppe hills are gorgeous under the night sky. Prior Wurm Experience: My other character, Raeyn, resides on Pristine. I used to be the mayor of Raven's Landing, but since I haven't been able to play regularly for a few years, I'm rooming with a friend. I also play WU on the server Requiem of Wurm. Also named Raeyn. Fun fact: I'm always bad at these so not sure why I included it, but I have a white cat named Albus and recently took in a stray named Ronin. He is also white. Which is wild. Jury is out on whether Albus will accept him as a lil brother though. I can't wait to meet you all!
  10. That's really interesting! I think if it was tied to number of citizens vs size that could maybe allow both systems to exist?
  11. I really love your idea of differentiating between deeds, villages, towns and cities! It'd be cool to see the game recognize something like this!
  12. As always Malena, huge +1! I'd love for animals to actually behave like living things rather than nearly static objects!