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  1. You'd almost think this update was controversial with the amount of changes happening.
  2. I once had him in local at LoG or Hammerfell to older chaos nerds during the brief Templars de Lux days.
  3. Awwww, its cold here in ireland
  4. I could argue the same about many updates. It still adds content and more content isnt a bad thing
  5. We have plates, cutlery and all kinds of things. Why not add napkins. Get that veneer of civilisation going and another cloth product.
  6. How about wood rings. I have recently started making the irl and realised it would (aaaaaaa) be a great addition to ingame crafting. Here's a pic
  7. Ive been on both sides of the sub 20fs account usage. I know full well how annoying it is to be on the recieving end. Frontline deeds are always gonna get hit like this while people can do it. They inherently dislike risk or handing an opponent a flavour of victory like with a 70fs death. Personally its far less of a timesink to scout on a hell babbi than with an account on foot. If the archery towers or other devices focus fired those accouts at sub 50fs that would be kinda hot
  8. They are in my experience visible at water level and stay at that level , disappearing into the ground when they hit high ground. I saw this happen at LO landbridge and the character reappeared again at the clay where my deed poolsclosed used be
  9. This one has been around before. The character and mount are rendered at water level if its the same one. Has something to do with the corners of mine exits. Btw I've not watched the video
  10. All this pointless argument but you only need to look at macedon in kingdom history to see what happens when the wrong person holds the crown
  11. They don't think it be like it is, but it do - some black guy
  12. The funny part is that necroe is still more likely to get back on staff than guy's like me or proph
  13. I'm always glad to see someone doing so well, especially when in personal chats their illness becomes more apparent. Get well soon Necroe, LoG was never wrong about you.
  14. I remember him going on about having 3g on hand and about an hour after dropping that dirtpile coastal deed begging me for 1g in kingdom funds because of sudden poverty irl. He was told to whistle dixie Funny how he never got his way when "toxic players" ran jk. Aaaaaaaaaaa But yeah a pathological liar and twisted individual. It was pretty much after i formed macedon how apparent this became in him
  15. Hi. I'm Jake's brain and I dissaprove this message.
  16. I remember when you could 4 v 10 on an enemy deed if 2 of your 4 guys were fo priests. Good times.
  17. Extra dr -.- . Spend years trying to reduce dr bonuses and their effect on pvp and yet here's another suggestion for more dr. How about just having a unique (as in singular non craftable) spear with flag per pmk just because it would be nice
  18. Ahaha another classic maurizio post with the bonus NaCl of having his kingdom members solo slaughtered by johnny.
  19. As a guy with little to gain except by proxy leaving the affinity system as it was but with stringent measures towards obvious abuse (its not like its such a huge community that we dont know who owns what) is the sensible approach. I'm not against giving freedom a way of gaining affinities either. So I'd personally urge the dev team to find the middle ground.
  20. You get karma anyway from kills on ranked players , unless this was also changed since i stopped playing (hah ranks lol). And the same dudes who abuse alts for affinities would still abuse for sb. Face it the wurm team wont leave the affinity system as it was as they see it as a good way of punishing those who brought up the issue and another way of nailing down the coffin lid on pvp
  21. Or even like some figures. Or will we need to wait the 18 months for the update to reach WU so that we may extrapolate the figures ourselves, assuming the same code is ever added
  22. Idk. Dadd used hit the cap on a regular basis and so in order to keep grinding he'd hunt until he had fatigue again. Its not like you have to stop playing.