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  1. Necro time. Guess who wasnt wrong. Epic is dead
  2. Hahaha muh 900 slope concrete . Pls no
  3. If i leave xanadu two weeks ago i might make it
  4. Ok onichann.
  5. Its ok folks. Shoe production is at an all time high.
  6. Many games use art and sound assets that are freely available on the web. So wat probl
  7. Its ok. Theyll just ban the side who didn't honour the 1v1. Probl solved
  8. Caption: Quick lets sail it to the shroud, I know a guy
  9. Caption: Sirlaw did nothing wrong
  10. An open and friendly discussion on Mr Gary
  11. That dioptra is as good as Hemz's already buddy
  12. There are accepted minimums for recruiting based on cr and stats for most kingdoms already . As for posting other, instead of showing in spell effects which is highly unlikely for the devs to accomplish due to the amount of variables, just make a clear considered post outlining all stackable cr for those who cba figuring out the mysteries
  13. Bump
  14. Only 8 hours remaining