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  1. Idk. Dadd used hit the cap on a regular basis and so in order to keep grinding he'd hunt until he had fatigue again. Its not like you have to stop playing.
  2. 50 stealing though. Thats pretty neat
  3. Wow jinx @egard
  4. Will there be an appropriate compensation with regards to stamina.
  5. Tfw epic godly accounts become trash due to 14 stam like. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  6. It seems its not a pvp update unless it contains equal amounts of fail and awesome. TipTop
  7. Gonna point out that its also supposed to be a no drop item
  8. We must seize the means of gambling and use forums outside of wurm to gamble (its not like anyone ever had something bad happen to them due to events outside of wurms main board and ingame)
  9. Dingov likely released MR's controversial horseracing forum page
  10. Not just your stuff. Often saved the stuff of guys dieing around me. Profits mang
  11. So when are res stones being removed. Seeing as its literally gambling
  12. Necro time. Guess who wasnt wrong. Epic is dead
  13. Hahaha muh 900 slope concrete . Pls no
  14. If i leave xanadu two weeks ago i might make it