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  1. server down?

    Funny, I just started playing after a quite long hiatus, log in and boom, servers down.. Sorry guys
  2. Source isn't selling like it used to, so the nerf doesn't really hurt too much. I see it becoming more personal stock type of thing instead of the kind of source-supplier business that i used to run for a long time. One of the major attractions of moving to xanadu for me was the excitement on exploring the undeveloped wilderness on Xanadu, and once i started spotting source, i started making tons of shacks to pen them. It was pretty much the only reason for me to go outside of the deed to the wilderness (aside from finding champion animals and penning them with the Fo priest). I loved the gameplay of spending x amount of hours (150-200ish on xan) just climbing those hard to reach terrains and finding a untouched fountain / spring. It made pretty good silver too delivering to chaos players, and it was a nice "passive income" infrastructure, cause i chose to play the way of just fighting and finding source. At grandest i think i had about 35 penned source fountains (off deed everything, so it does take some work to maintenance them and drain them). Penned source fountains allowed me to keep myself, my fo priest,my friend and the deed premiumed so it was pretty nice. I might let alot of them fall now and just keep the closest ones for personal teleporting reserve or something like that.
  3. will the event run all night to sunday? i missed the one before, and i'll be home late saturday so hope there's still some spelunking to do when i get home
  4. Hatchet, Iron - 90.02ql - 92 Wind of Ages - 1.80s - Added (9/14/2015) cod to kaizoo Thanks! Edit: Cheers for the fast few minute delivery
  5. +1 i just wish the winter was as long as the other seasons! And i'd love to have a set "vertical height" in-game that those highest mountains would actually be winter 24/7 or some mountains at least.
  6. First time in a couple of years since i've seen a Champion spider
  7. Indeed it can be moved, from wiki: Can be loaded into a large cart, wagon or ship, but only by the person that dropped it on the ground. Can be offloaded by anyone, but ownership stays with original owner and cannot be reloaded even by the person that offloaded it. Plus, you actually can push / pull turn it around even if you aren't the owner.
  8. Can be closed, got 20s from Fujiwara thanks for the transaction!
  9. *drool* i'd buy it in a heartbeat
  10. i might just go with the gatehouse and walled in strategy, since i've got like 11k bricks and mortar just waiting to get burned
  11. Hey Wurmers! Got a question about a secondary settlement we're about to put up. Basically what i want to do is have a deed that every villager in my current deed could enter this second settlement and pretty much have permissions to do everything around there (farm, craft, use boxes, beds, storage etc.), without them being actual members of the deed. What i think i need to do is: - Fully wall in the settlement with walls. - Make entrances with "gatehouses" (one tile buildings). Then i lock said gatehouses and give my villagers writ permission to enter the houses, so they can get inside the deed. - Put lots of stuff for visitors to be allowed on the deed permissions (aside from destroy houses, fences and plan building) Is there anything other special stuff involved in creating such a space? Any hidden permission setting that could potentially make the deed exploitable? Thanks, Kai
  12. bumppity, still need some silver