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  1. There is no game like wurm and it gets better and better. I like a lot that people soon cant buy chars anymore and that player gods got removed. With the upcomming steam release more ppl will come too.
  2. wtb shortsword skin
  3. You can send me (zeeph) one rare small metal shield. ty
  4. I ordered from her before "libila purple" and she managed to mix the exact color tone for me. Great work!
  5. +1 Mycelium on the PVE-Server What would be cool, if we could cast mycelium at least on the deed. Like it spreads only on deeded tiles inside the influence of a blacklight altar. So when someone disbands his deed it should go away like it does on chaos when theres no influence of a hots tower anymore. But since theres a spell to remove mycelium, i would like the most if, if you could cast it anywhere on the pve-isles and it will grow also only inside the influence radius of a altar. So ppl could remove mycelium by destroying the altar or by casting that spell.
  6. Are you a BL priest with the intention to complete the journal?
  7. Because the former thread about that topic got snowflaked to death, ill try to bring that up here again. I understand that we need to put some effort in to complete the journal for the awesome reward, but I wish it would be in a way that is less frustrating. 70 Prayer Its probably not that much of a pain for people who have a non priest as main char and a priest alt, like the most people have. Switching every few minutes to the priest alt for a short moment to push a few times the pray button is acceptable and doesnt feel so bad, because in the next 2 seconds you are back on your main char and continue to play the game. After i wrote the last sentence i noticed that i dont see praying in wurm as playing a game. Well i like praying sometimes, and even do that for a longer period of time (10-30 minutes), when iam too lazy to do something else, but thinking about doing that for months only is the pure horror and has nothing to do with gaming. When making bricks or something similiar simple it involves still a lot more kind of actions, like putting something in the inventory, combine it, working with containers etc. But only pushing a button and nothing else, for such a long time... Now think about the ppl who play their priest as mainchar. Those ppl are stuck for the eternity with doing nothing else then hitting a single button. Well Wurm is a hardcore grinder, but that is the worst kind of grind any game in the world could offer. When you want to be wurm the worst grinding game in the world, go and implement more of that *beep* quests into the game. Beside that, who rly wants to raise prayer that high!? Global Cast I try to keep that short: Lib priest cant do global casts on the pve isles. There arent much blacklighter at all to group up with and some of them prolly never plan to go to chaos, because the majority of the wurm player arent pvp guys. What would work if you join that single blacklight kingdom, but are there enough bl priests to link with? Idk and no1 should be forced to join a kingdom because of such a reason. If I would be the leader of a BL kingdom i wouldnt even allow them to join. I would like to have ppl who join also with their hearth and defend or work for the kingdom and its hard to trust ppl when you know they will leave as soon as they have done their cast. ____ Dont come with "play on epic and do it there". We play on freedom, and if you really have to go another server cluster so that a "quest" gets acceptable, then someone has made a very bad game design decision. Also you cant bring your gained skill back to freedom, it just resets to where it was before. ___ And please dont change it to "reach 90 channeling". Seriously if i would have 90 channeling i wouldnt care much about that extra +5 cast power anymore. Would prolly still be cool, but doesnt worth that much effort anymore.
  8. just sacrificed a champ croc and it didnt counted for the journal
  9. white dye

    The first kind of color that i wanted to apply on my armor and a house was white. a fix would be awesome
  10. Its nice that all newbes start at the same position. More experienced ppl can settle around to recruit them from the spot or helping them somehow. Also as more populated a area is, as more entertainment a newbe gets and might stay longer. From my personal view indie is the only isle i wouldnt like to put the newcomers at. Idk if something changed there, but when i was there last year for 1-2 Weeks, there were almost non animals around and when we traveled across half the isle in the hope to find horses, we had to admit that indie (at least for us) is also ugly. Maybe our dislike for indie growed in general because of the lack of animals and our 3-4 hours long journey for them, but well we didnt see a single nice spot when we were there too. So if nothing has changed, hunting isnt rly a option there and getting animals for breeding or whatnot is also a real pain. With the lack of animals indie felt so empty and people might have it hard there to enjoy all the content wurm has to offer. So idk why Indie, i think it wasnt decided by a dice throw.
  11. Iam curious, what lead to the decision to make Indie the only entry point for new players?
  12. Rebirth: Like i thought before its not like you can rebirth anything. You cant rebirth rift mobs, you cant rebirth hell scorpi, fog spider doesnt rly work. I am sure when i would try to rebirth uniques it wont work anyway. Traits get removed after rebirthing too. Summary is for me that rebirth got only nerved, because equipping human zombies and trolls isnt possible anymore.
  13. When i was looking into my personal goals, i saw that i cant complete them because it involves imping and iam a priest. Is there a way to reset the personal goals to get another set?
  14. In case i was writing in the wrong forum, ill write here too but somewhat shorter: When rebirthing eg a hell horse it removes the traits it had before.