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  1. Hey i'm looking for a male and female 5 speed ebony blacks happy to pay 4s for the pair if you deliver to s19 thx can message me here or in game to discuss.
  2. Hey wondering how much this account is worth, to see if its worth keeping alittle longer and working more on it or to just get shot now, thanks in advance xx Skills dumped at 16-Sep-2015 ----- Prayer: 40.126892 Channeling: 43.907684 Hot food cooking: 40.433025 Fishing: 44.894295 Farming: 47.759968 Faith: 80.04648
  3. Hey all, I'm looking for a mature villager or two have spare land on deed for there own house , plenty of farming area and has mine on deed, i'm looking for company and people i don't have to nanny threw the game, so experienced players only, if your looking for safe on deed place to stay with no trouble to just relax and enjoy farming and gaining skills without having to pay upkeep please feel free to leave a message below Deed is on Magincia island South Indy can supply 5 x 5 tiles for your own building with over 160 farming tiles and plenty of animals pics on request.
  4. Have to agree, would make having convos between friends not of the same alliance alot more private and would allow freedom chat to be more serious rather then me poking fun at shads publicly lol
  5. Congratulations Shrimpiie, to what name would you like me to COD the tabard too?
  6. 35 QL Supreme Kingdom Tabard 1 Silver start bid 20 c bid increments No sniper protection Happy bidding
  7. I have no idea of value so just make an offer if anyone wants to PC these would be awesome also
  8. Hey heres a list of whats for sale: 90 QL willow fishing rod with 92 COC 2 x 80 QL horseshoes with WOA 70 2 x 70 QL horseshoes with WOA 50 I can mail the Shoes i believe but the rod will have to be delivered which i'll do for free to anywhere connected except Chao's, Pm in game welcome Arte out.
  9. Title states all 1k of each will deliver free if i can get a Corb docked,on Indy, 4 Silver pm in game or leave message below
  10. Boo, can you quote me how much for a trowel ql 80 with WOA and Coc on please?