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  1. Changed starting bid and buyout
  2. A backpack made from leather with metal husks. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. The backpack has some excess leather that needs to be cut away with a leather knife. Starting bid: 1.5s Increments: 50c Reserve: None Buyout: 2s CoD or Pickup available.
  3. 60QL toolbelts now available for 36c
  4. Bump added content, including Wyvern Academy Market.
  5. How about that server lag issue that you guys admitted to? Any progress on that?
  6. We've ordered 4 horses from Bibi so far and she has amazing service. Travels clear across Release to deliver at your convenience. I highly recommend her for all your horse needs. Measaiella Tanner Wyvern Academy
  7. An order please for COD on Release: Mallet 42QL Oakenwood C57 Leather Knife 50 QL C56 Awl 51QL C56 Needle 50QL C60 Scissors 52QL C64 you can PM me here or in game Measaiella Thanks
  8. Looking for leather items? Look no further. Will mail COD from beautiful Wyvern Academy PM Measaiella in game or pick up if you are in the area, my shop is located in the SE corner of WA. Now with the mailbox enchanted to 97, less then 8 min delivery time. Also come visit the Wyvern Academy market outside the north main gate. Made to order Leather pieces or just stop by for imping. Currently have: Toolbelts 50QL/5 SLOT - 18c 60QL/6 SLOT - 36c Studded leather Armor: 51QL Full Set - 70c Saddle (3) 51QL - 50c Barding (1) 51QL-65c Bridle (4) 51QL-60c Will imp your current set to 40+QL: Studded Boot, Cap, Glove & Sleeve - 4c Studded Jacket & Pants - 13c 50+QL: Studded Boot, Cap, Glove & Sleeve - 6c Studded Jacket & Pants - 18c 50% of proceeds go to upkeep of Wyvern Academy, a safe place for new players to raise skills and learn about everything Wurm Online has to offer. Measaiella Tanner Wyvern Academy Make sure to check out our forum post here: Town Post: