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  1. I am experiencing the same stop/start as Fairyshine, with stuttering and lagging after a short while of playing. Logging off and on helps a bit, but then it comes back again. FPS is all over the place from 1 to 30+. On Linux, Lubuntu and Jave 64bit all sorted by my techie cub. Was on experimental for a while but that seemed to make it worse, so off that now. There are also delays in the messages coming up in the events windows and moving items from one container or inventory to another - again a kind of stop-start feeling. Lots of "refreshing"..... "refreshing" as well and generally not the smooth game that it used to be. Also rather frequent messages of "you are out of synch with the server, please move slower" - sometimes when not even moving ! If you require console log, will provide this the next time it happens.
  2. Hi, This could be something to do with my settings. If so, please advise me where and how to change them. Thanks. Still getting some weird tile visuals (pics below are in the order I saw them) and the gates on my deeds keep opening by themselves - nearly all of them:
  3. Congrats Tris ! I don't think many know how hard Alchemy is to grind.
  4. please cod the 2 steel breast plates to me, Baloo Thanks, in advance
  5. It is not just starter town perimeters. I built a small fenced area to protect a mine entrance to 1 slate tile in the perimeter of a newly arrived player who deeded over a huge slate mine. However, when I tried to repair/improve the fences got the message that deed owner did not permit that!
  6. Winter on my Exodus deed: http://
  7. Using unstable, had a sight in the NE Exodus desert - Jackal partially eclipsing Sol at dawn. http://
  8. "I am finding the FPS to vary wildly right down to 1 then up to 30+ in a short space of time - lots of lagging and delays in messages coming up in events tab." Please see full post above. Finding it very "glitchy" and unpleasant on the eyes. I don't think unstable is ready to be launched into stable yet - many ppl have told be they are getting DC's and having difficulty running other programs at the same time, such as wiki and niarja. The lag at the Troll King slaying on Cele had to be experienced to be believed - awful - relogged using lowest settings possible and that worked on stable okay. Maybe a bit more time is needed to iron out the numerous issues reported - flickering, bugs, etc. ?
  9. Processor : 4x AMD A10-6800K APU with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics Memory : 8194MB (3500MB used) Operating System : Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS OpenGL Renderer : AMD Radeon (TM) RX 460 Graphics width: 62 bits - 32-bit processes I am finding the FPS to vary wildly right down to 1 then up to 30+ in a short space of time - lots of lagging and delays in messages coming up in events tab. Otherwise really enjoying the improved visuals of unstable. Will add log in a while, once i have logged on again and done a Ubuntu software update.
  10. Went to Cele for rift and on the way saw several of these domestic clusters. Here is just one example: http://
  11. Congrats to the winners of the tapestry competition. o/
  12. Well thank you Theodein - and yes, we are growing in number - Jaz is the best and has done a lot testing unstable on Linux. I am just an old disc jockey - i.e. it must work - don't want to know what goes on behind the scenes. My cub is the IT techie, but is not keen for me to test unstable - for some reason unbeknown to me.
  13. Hi Is there a special trick in getting server forums to send one an email when posts are put on them ? I have set it several times and it does not work - tried both 1 email per day and immediate as well. Forum servers do not send me an email nor a notification, although following auctions, WTB and WTS forums do - i.e. 1 email per day. I am wondering if it has something to do with my pc running on Linux/Lubuntu ? Thanks for any help you can provide.