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  1. Hi Marty, I have pm'd you. Cheers, Baloo
  2. One solution could be to offer 2 types of fishing - basic as before and complicated for those into that. Not sure how the Devs could do that, but it would be great for newbies to be able to fish for their supper on a campfire with a basic rod again.
  3. New UI

    It would also be a good idea to put "place" in the upper window and "examine" in the listed menu - please, please do this, Devs, please
  4. sry wrong forum post - but yes, I also have a golden ball near my epic portal
  5. A scene from my deed the other evening. http://
  6. New UI

    Yes, please give us more scaling and font options on the new UI . My eyesight is not v.good, but I do not need such large lettering all over the screen - it is very distracting. Would prefer to use the old UI, but I guess that we will be forced to use the new UI eventually, so please let's have some more scaling on it. Thanks, in hope !
  7. Maybe if a few players were kicked off Golden Valley - or increase the maximum number of connections, some of us might be able to log in - there are 81 players on Golden Valley, where only 80 maximum can be .... what gives here ??? http://
  8. "network error" - can't log in - when will this be fixed ?
  9. Would be happy with the changes IF wurm online was still working for me. Why can some of us not log in - launcher will not work - is this a Linux problem - or what ?
  10. Yup, WO is not working for me either. Is this a Linux problem?
  11. same as SweetSusie - is Wurm Online working for Linux ?
  12. Hi Tigerclaw, I can supply you with 1k concrete, as 1s per 100. Thus 10s + delivery costs. Please confirm if you want me to go ahead with making up this order. Thanks, Baloo