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  1. As much as I enjoy Enki's re-naming of animals - this one seems to have miscarried somehow: A bunch of bison, renamed as Rudolphs, is stuck on Exodus - they don't move, cannot be lead or attacked. Bison are in short supply and it would be good if this lot could be "released". http://
  2. Almost perfect Jackal eclipse of Sol. http://
  3. Trust that this will be an option? To use it or not. So much now is without choice - we have to have furling and unfurling of sails, we have to use GSL for placement, else you get big error messages, and to get thru our journals: we have to do archaeology, we have to use the horrible fishing system, we have to collect recipes for the over complex cooking system, etc, etc. Wurm is, or used to be, appealing to many for the freedom given to players to chose. This seems to be rapidly eroded.
  4. I trust that this will be an option ?
  5. Very well thought out ideas. However, is our Dev team up to introducing a new skill, rather than a cosmetic item, like the hitching post? And if this is introduced, perhaps wool could be another ingredient ? So few useful items to be made with wool atm... And if the Dev team is up to bringing in a new skill, would not glass making (giving sand some love) be most useful ? And after glass making, an addition that many would like is an addition to Tailoring, i.e. curtain making.
  6. Well, I am pleased to report that not a great deal of damage was done to Mount Tundra by the last rift. There was some and I had to do some more to flatten some of the rift lumps and bumps, but the tundra will grow back - eventually - in a few months' (not days' or weeks') time. Maybe the suggestion should be that rifts do not have lumps, bumps and dips - are those really necessary? They just cause huge terrain damage and take ages to find and fix them all - no matter what the terrain is.
  7. +1 Totally agree - heritage site - especially if it is not bought by some rich player.
  8. Thanks, Sidereal - we shall see the damage after tomorrow's exodus rift....
  9. It took months of hard work by several players to restore the tundra on Mount Tundra. Having rifts destroy that hard work really is not acceptable.
  10. Such wonderful news about your forthcoming wedding in May! Congratulations and may you have a lifetime of happiness together. So sad that the 2 of you are leaving the game - hope you will come back one day.
  11. Near Estert, Exodus, this delightful chess game, enhanced with the additions of unicorn and templar (as umpires?) http:// and a deer, who was apprehensive about being taken our by the knight (horse): http://
  12. Seal (as choreographer): Now girls, all together now, point those toes! http://
  13. Retrograde advised that: "According to the code rifts need to be 40 tiles from water and greater than 1 height from water, and steepness less than 10 without structures or deeds, no mention of tundra." Suggestion: the code for rifts be amended to include not being anywhere near tundra.
  14. @Retrograde - Please confer with the Dev team to refresh your memory - promises were made not to have rifts destroying tundra. And if this is not the place for this, please advise where to post it ?