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  1. Please CoD Rare scissors to Baloo. Thanks in advance.
  2. On the farm where I grew up, in what was then called Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe), the dairy cows (Frieslands) would go in order to their milking pens inside the dairy with hardly any prompting from their specific dairy worker. And yes, cows can swim, but they also can easily get stuck in muddy swampy areas, which was when my father would dose them with a bottle of brandy laced milk to give them some juice to help them when roped to a tractor to pull them out.
  3. Well done, Malena - you have a wonderful photographic talent.
  4. +1 - fun idea, which if the walking stick is in inventory - and ofc not too heavy, e.g. under 0.5kg - would automatically give that little speed boost to walking, riding a horse or a cart - would only need a mouse click to use it for a weapon on small annoying mobs, like rats. Very nice suggestion for us old codgers.
  5. I am so wow'd by what the Devs have done with the flower tiles and the winter features: Flowers are now beautifully visible during the winter and the grass looks nicely frosty - well done, Devs ! http:// http://
  6. Some slight adjustments and suggestions: 1. "chisel blade" be renamed to "stone chisel blade" so that when sorting it will be next to stone chisel fragments. 2. "long sword blade fragment" be renamed "longsword blade fragment", to be in sync with "longsword fragments" 3. "ore, tin fragment" not be an "unidentified metal fragment", but just an unidentified fragment like the rest of the ore fragments. 4. rename all lumps and ores as follows: "lump fragment, iron/copper/etc x/3" rather than "lump fragment x/3, iron/copper/etc" - So that when sorting them all the lumps/ores of the same metal are together rather than the singles (1/3) and the multiples (2/3) being listed separately as currently. - In fact, all archaeology items should be renamed, "xxx, alloy, x/3" or "xxx, metal, x/3" for the sake of consistency. 5. Make it possible to find fragments on an old deed that has been sanded over, i.e. so that it is possible to find fragments on sand tiles. 6. Improve the graphics of the statues, which atm are somewhat disappointing. Please feel free to add anything I have missed.
  7. Really miss stumbling upon those shiny things in strange places. And I agree with the need to look at, and hopefully reduce, duplicate missions.
  8. Black bear rugs making a carpet for my Lib priest. http:// http://
  9. This - but, also taking a break can be good for you too - but not for too long - we would miss you and I am sure you would miss Wurm too.
  10. Event message: "You are not allowed to do that." when trying to take something out of my cart, which is already open. Yes, I am allowed to do that, I am just not close enough to do so. This is not only misinformation and confusing, but very annoying to say the least. Thus, suggestion: Please change this message to ready something like "you need to be closer to do that" or something similar. Even better would be to increase the reach into and out of a cart, so that: - if you can open the cart, you can take things out of it; and - if you can kill a mob and open it, then you can butcher and bury it, without having to nearer to it. - if you can open a bsb or a crate in a rack, you can take things out of it, etc. The reach into and out of carts is now completely out of sync and needs attention - please! These suggestion have been made many times, including the following:
  11. Was delighted to have an old Blue Whale pull up right next to where I was pruning oak trees. (He had been making a lot of humphing sounds earlier, possibly saying "come and say hello and play") http://
  12. Please Cod me Baloo the 3 GL bloods and any Green Dragon bloods you have - up to 2s per blood, or a bit less for bulk discount ? Thanks
  13. Please CoD to me, Baloo, your 3 best rings, 1 each of Blaze, Glacia and Fire Protection. Thank you.
  14. More fun and challenges, with much less grind would be wonderful ! Maybe Enki's wonderful creative imagination is needed here? Even on the smaller servers, trying to find a "traitor rat in the NW" for example, just will not happen. Some of Exodus "do a ritual" missions recently do not say with what the ritual must be done with. And again trying to find the special spot can be bothersome - unless our wonderful new map keeper, Solmark, has these listed? Also any confirmation yet about Vyn missions ? Especially since there are now only 4 deities (tg!). So glad that newbies' early lives will be made a bit easier, it might help with Wurm's very poor retention rate.