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  1. The Screenshots Thread

    Many thanks for that Joneya
  2. The Screenshots Thread

    @Joneya you are a fantastic decorator - please share how you made the small flower box - it looks like the start of a beehive...
  3. Slaying - Goblin Leader

    oops. i have left it too late to get there in time - thought it was later. my apologies. maybe next time.
  4. Slaying - Goblin Leader

    Thank you both kindly, Zora and LL - well done for the capture and making this public - yet again ! most generous of you. Will do my best to be there, albeit a bit late for me.
  5. Slaying - Goblin Leader

    hi - glad to have made it - please add me to the fight list. Thanks for making this public - as usual, well done, you two
  6. why not build a boat and sail to exodus Coffee ? then you could keep your tools....
  7. A new use for rock shards

    +1 great idea - anything to reduce the waste and litter in Wurm would be welcome.
  8. The Screenshots Thread

    Valrei eclipsing Sol, which was then followed by Seris passing over Sol : Then Sol, Seris and Valrei were in perfect alignment - one above the other. http://
  9. The Screenshots Thread

    Rooster: Whatcha mean by levelling my perch? Bull: Yeah, this is my lookout point http:// Baloo: Well, awfully sorry ol' fellas, but the Mt Tundra Restoration Project has to proceed. Rooster and Bull: Well we had better depart then http://
  10. WTA 6k Slate

    Please close
  11. WTA 6k Slate

    So there we go, Mazak won the slate
  12. WTA 6k Slate

    bump - starting bid now only 6s
  13. WTA 6k Slate

    Hi - 6,000 slate shards up for auction - crates included: http:// Starting bid : 6s increments: 0.5s buyout : will be considered sniper : 1 hour http:// Happy bidding!
  14. Hi, I have 19 large crates of slate shards for sale - 3s per 1k http:// PM here or ingame, to arrange collection / delivery. Thanks
  15. green dragon slaying

    This one very nasty beastie - all hands to the deck ! http://