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  1. +1 yes indeed - please!
  2. Hi - I can let you have 2 small crates of bladders, as follows: 150 x 75ql bladders 1.5s 150 x 85ql bladders 1.7s The prices do not include delivery, you could pick them up at my deed, Desert Desires, F22, NE Exodus. Delivery to a coastal spot could be arranged for a fee. You can pm me here or ingame, same name, Baloo. Cheers for now, Baloo Edit: well it would seem that you can get cheaper elsewhere - so forget my post
  3. after the "up" date, now grounded !
  4. bump
  5. 3. Cedar Baloo
  6. +1 for fun
  7. We have a visitor atm. http://
  8. My apologies - I thought Seedlings and that lot of players had disbanded Magic City, as Seedlings told me they felt crowded out. I stand corrected - the deed is still there I have been informed.
  9. Sadly Magic City is no more.
  10. Well, it would seem that making black dye is still broken - or at least so RNG'd as to make it virtually impossible to make high ql dye. I have 79 natural substances skill and 45+ alchemy skill, but: Using over 90 x 81ql acorns, tannin resulting over 70ql was less than 1 in 10 Using over 75 x 87ql iron lumps and the 50-70+ql tannin, the black dye results were: 15kg of 73ql black dye and 17kg of 53ql black dye. 73ql black dye is R23, G23, B23 = dark grey not black 53ql black dye is R43, G43, B43 = grey and not black This is RNG at its worst and would suggest to the new Dev team: PLEASE to look into this - you have done such a great job on other RNG actions like beverage making - please do do look into this. Pleeeeeaaase.
  11. [01:11:00] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. Thank you.
  12. Please stick to WU
  13. So what ? Why not leave it alone ? It is a GOOD thing to be able to go thru trees - and it would not make it any more "real" to have to go round them - next we will have to go round all the other huge items we can currently pass thru - to make it "real" - bah !
  14. Nice update - thank you all involved - except for tree collisions - we go thru crate racks, fsbs, trellises etc - so why not trees still ??? This will just be an annoying nuisance and entail much chopping of precious trees.