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  1. Remarkably well organised - lovely venue and all went well. Thank you, Yaros - great job !
  2. Forest Giant Found!

    well done !
  3. @Bloodreina - difficult to say - as really in the middle You could park your boat on the J22 / 23 coast, but be careful not to land on a deed, else you will not be able to do stuff, like load your horses, etc Then head west to the steppe area and then NW to the N of the desert. Otherwise somewhere along the north coast and head south. edit : This is Ikki btw
  4. -1 No thank you - to all of it ! Wurm is complicated enough already, without adding anymore on the relationship side of things - you can make partnerships with friends - as true friends - you don't need babies, when you have alts.
  5. Hi, Using a recipe in my cookbook, having made rum before, the message now reads: "The items inside do not make any known recipe." which seems to indicate that the recipe might be bugged.
  6. Maybe a choice of brands could be given, e.g. brand to deed or brand to player - if to player then this should apply across all servers where you can take the animal. If you want to give the animal to someone else, just unbrand it as is the current option. The new owner could then brand to deed or to player (him/herself). The hassle of caring for / taming to equip / untaming and remembering to change fight stance from defensive to aggressive or normal and the reverse puts many players off travelling to different servers for rifts etc. So this really does need attention.
  7. +1 I like this idea, but would prefer to see glassblowing come into the game first - for windows and glass containers of all sorts, etc. Give sand some love!
  8. +1 - it would also help if altars were treated as containers, which they are - or aren't they?
  9. Thatched roofs

    yes unfortunately they do look lame and improvements have been asked for many a time.
  10. Agreed - been asked for many a time, but just ignored - unfortunately.
  11. WMADD LatLng(356.682832, 606.75)=Rosethorne ; Mailbox
  12. I have the same problem and my pc is also on Linux
  13. Hello, The console log for my steam account, Ikki, is not updating - the last one was on Sun Aug 23rd 2020 16:15:43] Preparing to enable console logging. [16:15:43] Now logging to /home/USERNAME/wurm/console.Ikki.log [16:15:43] Time is Sun Aug 23 16:15:43 BST 2020 [16:15:43] Running client version 4.2.19 [16:15:43] client build# f56def8576841fc7fbf4644bd7f4fb7797f8098b [16:15:43] client build time 2020-08-21 18:36 This steam account seems to be bugged - click place and get booted, etc - what gives with this ???
  14. +1 I can only hope that this is possible! I also find it v.frustrating not only in making tea but also herb dumplings, which have various volumes of stuff.