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  1. Casual players are unlikely to have the beverage, gardening and milling skills to make good quality caffeine, so they will most likely need to purchase this from more full-on players who do have those skills - yes it creates a market, but how does that help casual players? I agree with Joemog, who said: "IMO Wurm is a tedious enough game (still love it) and only benefits from getting easier and getting more QOL." To reduce some of the tedium in making kahvesi for example, could the following please be considered: 1. Adjust the volume of ibriks, so that after adding 1 lot of ground coffee beans to an ibrik, allow the maximum amount of water needed to be added directly to the ibrik, without having to go via an adjusted measuring jug (with or without bits of stuff in it to try and get the maximum amount of water). Since ibriks are only used to make kahvesi, this would make brewing it just a little less tedious and be a QoL boost. 2. Allow ibriks to be used in ovens as others have suggested - not just campfires - again a QoL boost. 3. Allow more than 1 lot of green coffee beans to be roasted in a roasting dish. Green coffee beans are 0.10kg; a roasting dish is 6 liters - so for efficiency, less tedium and more QoL, how about 3 or 5 green coffee beans in a roasting dish? 4. Please do not remove meditation from the caffeine system - at the moment, that is probably the most popular skill it is being used for - by all means have it work only if SB is on from the start of meditation. Thank you, in hope !
  2. What a shame that it does not work for those of us with Linux And there are quite a few of us now.
  3. I just drank a HUGE amount (1kg + 40g+20g) of Kahvesi 69ql and got 41 power for 8 minutes before was too full to drink anymore and that scenario did virtually nothing for my butchering skill even with SB on - so from too good to too awful - please revert to the original 10 sips x 1g for 100 power - or something usable - atm it is badly nerfed and unusable.
  4. Congrats and well done Yaros - and helpers! Ikki will be duly impressed when travelling again in your area and looks forward to using the tunnel.
  5. Please, please make the special events visuals button work properly - i.e. so that the blood sea and ugly faces in oak trees are also gone. PLEASE !
  6. Keenan - congrats to you (esp. for good communications) and your improved team - welcome Radia esp. for QA ! Please could one of the bugs to be fixed make the special events off button under graphics, so that ALL the effects are gone - my button is off - don't have skeleton horses - BUT still have blood sea and ugly faces in my oak trees. Would be v.grateful for those to be gone, as they are not appealing at all - and to have them until the end of Friday 5th November is a bit off putting to say the least. There are some of us prefer not to have Hallowean at all in our lives - guess I am just a grumpy old lady who prefers looking at nice things only. So please can we have the full option of NO special effects.
  7. Congrats Keenan - trusting that in your hands Wurm will improve enough to retain and attract more players. One small suggestion would be to allow a cow or donkey to be hitched to a small cart and lead by newbies and F2P players - this might, just might, help keep some of them ingame. Concerned with only "smaller" suggestions being focused on, as a really nice "big" suggestion which has been asked for many times is GLASS and GLASS MAKING skill. This would give more use for sand, add another "building/masonry" skill and improve the QoL for players with glass utensils, i.e. drinking glasses and (sealable) bottles, along with glass window panes to be added to the windows - which could be coloured if dyes are added. Please see if you can add this idea into your road map. Regarding the idea above about more events - where is Enki in all this? Was it not he who designed the puzzle events? or was that another person? Also something seriously needs to be done about unique slayings, so that private groups do not benefit from these at the expense of 99% of the rest of the players.
  8. I agree as well - New Year boxes for all who log in would be wonderful - like another Christmas present
  9. +1 good idea !
  10. [01:25:50] <Ikki> thank you for this public slaying - great service to the NFI communities
  11. Thank you HeddWyn, that helps a bit
  12. Any chance of a map to show best routes to get there by boat from Harmony ?
  13. congrats ! Yes, they are v.scary indeed.
  14. Did as you suggested @Explora but Devs are not fixing this problem with Steam Linux accounts
  15. I am having the same problem - Steam client crashes on Linux. Please Devs, fix this asap.