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    Building Rageblade on Vay- wait wrong game
  2. Letter to the Devs / Suggestion for the future

    Im pretty sure advertising has already done but most people left quickly. Take a good look at the steam reviews to get an idea why. UI seems to be the #1 issue driving people away instantly.
  3. Free Players in Wurm

    but wurm is probably not their main source of entertainment, especially if you're new. if you spent 16 euros on every game that came by you'd be poor in no time. it's not so much about having the money as spending it.
  4. Notch

    0, he's too busy shitposting on twitter.
  5. So whats gonna happen?

    you know those are the people mmos benefit most from? that's what the whole millions worth payment model of hearthstone is based on tbh. maybe not the best for the playerbase, but it makes bank.
  6. Wurm in 4k?

    Actually a single gtx 1060 over here is enough to play on the highest settings with 4xSSAA turned on @ 4k resolution. Getting anywhere from 50 to 70 fps. About the scaling, some of the GUI needs scaling options I've noticed too, but putting text size higher makes everything else big enough to play on.
  7. Ways to promote the game?

    ?????? It has been, plenty of times in fact. People left before their first hour of playtime and only a small handful remained.
  8. Weekly News #35

    How about change for the sake of balancing the game and adding content? Because that is exactly what this update is. Ironic that you blame me for something that only you are doing right there.
  9. Weekly News #35

    No one is being penalized at all. I don't know why it is so difficult to grasp that it is a skill bonus, something you're going to have to work for now. The low nutrition reduced skill gain was an actual penalty for newbies.
  10. Weekly News #35

    *stamps his feet whilst screaming "I DONT LIKE THIS CHAAAANNGGEEE"*
  11. Weekly News #35

    I think one of the recipes will allow users to permanently end wurm online servers. We don't know the recipes yet so that might very well be possible.
  12. Weekly News #35

    That's called a "failed investment". It's the risk that comes with buying things, especially bugged things, knowing it can change any time. Or did the devs ever promise fountain pans and traders would always stay in their then current state? Honestly I'm curious.
  13. Weekly News #35

    ironic for a player that just called another out for "putting words into the devs mouth"
  14. Weekly News #35

    t. people complaining that they can't play the game their own one way