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  1. New Black Light PMK on Chaos

    You guy are misinterpreting my intentions, I DONT want to be the king, im nowhere ready to be the Leader. I just want to be the facilitator and bring ppl together. Yes I will help with Silver but wont put it all down. Besides, before even thinking about creating a pmk or even a deed, we have to make sure that we build a place where our token will be protected. Like I said, if enough ppl sign up for it, I will go for it and start building the capital. BTW im only counting the number of ppl that PM me, once we hit at least 20, then I will release my name to them and bring them all together to make this happen.
  2. New Black Light PMK on Chaos

    Its funny you say that. Everyone talks about creating a kingdom but no one has the guts to actually start recruiting. I'm here to break the ice. In addition, this kind of mentality is what has Chaos with low population. Instead of trying to instill doubt in people's mind about my intentions, why don't you give advice or constructive criticism and use this opportunity to promote Chaos. Not Suntzu, I actually belong to one of the three Kingdoms, im not a former Epic player either. I just want to create a new kingdom.
  3. New Black Light PMK on Chaos

    Some things I had in mind about the politics of the kingdom... The kingship will be earned, by deeds and by a vote of the subjects of the future kingdom. Once ready to create the Kingdom; the elected king will found it. The name of the kingdom will be decided by the subjects as well from a list of potential names submitted thru a voting system. At no given time, the King will have full control of the Kingdom. There will be a council to come up with ideas (bills) and all the subjects will then vote on the matter. Titles will be given out to subjects who earn it thru loyalty and service. The council will nominate prospects and then the kingdom will vote yay or nay. All ideas will be taken in consideration regarding the welfare and morale of the Kingdom from any subject. Just some things I had in mind. I will probably come up with more later on Please don't forget to PM if interested, all the names will be kept confidential and at no time will the possible subjects information will be released.
  4. New Black Light PMK on Chaos

    Have an area picked out outside of any kingdom influence. I'm sure the other kingdoms will support it as they have expressed in the forums countless of times. Its not good diplomacy to start a kingdom by poking another.
  5. League Of Gentlemen - Chaos

    Gents come to the Black Light...
  6. New Black Light PMK on Chaos

    That and I educated myself in the history of Comm and there is too much drama. I wanna start a kingdom with a blank slate, where no other kingdom has a reason to declare war other than for the fun of PVP and land control.
  7. New Black Light PMK on Chaos

    Name is hidden for political reasons. If I get enough support by all means I will release all my information to the prospects that are on board.
  8. Hey everyone, Im currently on the planning phase to create a PMK. For this I need ppl willing to "Fortify" the future capital and also recruiting to be able to found the PMK once the time is right. At this time im trying to gather intel on the opinion of the other kingdoms and also how many ppl is willing to give it a try. Bear in mind that we will literally start from the ground and build up. I already have a great location and the logistics planned to make it happen but I need to know if theres actually ppl willing to give this a try. Please let me know if you are willing to join thru PM only and other kingdoms are welcome to give constructive criticism.