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  1. 1.25s for the Medium Maul LT 60, Grooming Brush CoC 65 if so COD to Oxblood.
  2. #13 and #53 to Oxblood please.
  3. It seems the biggest opponents of people being able to forage/kill for rare coins, are the ones that spent money on getting traders, and got butthurt when their guaranteed source of silver suddenly dried up.
  4. Currently I'm wearing just cloth armor as I haven't been doing much exploring, except to my local mines and churches. What armor type would you suggest for when I do head out into the great big world? So far I'm leaning toward studded, because of the 0 casting penalty and moderate protection.
  5. # What happened:While riding a a passenger on a cart and entering a mine, all of the ore tiles show as rock tiles, but when mined still give ore. # What you expected to happen: To enter the mine and see the different types of ore tiles. # Steps to reproduce: Enter the mine as a passenger on a cart. # Workaround: Exit the mine on foot, and re-enter.
  6. # What happened: If trying to disembark as a passenger inside of a building it will teleport you into the roof, has happened more than once. Logging out completely helped once, Enki had to help another time. # What you expected to happen: Disembark # Steps to reproduce: Ride on a large cart as a passenger, once inside try to disembark.
  7. Taken from the path of insanity wiki page. A colossal brown dragon, towering even the red dragon, named 'The Wurm'.
  8. Tried to make one using the crafting window the other day. Was like wth when it wouldn't let me. +1