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  1. up to 24k dirt in stock. 1s/1k plus cost of crates @10c per unless you have some to exchange. Pick up HoneyDo Village on Indy 51x 36y Near Oak Harbour. Delivery possible. No chaos.
  2. Can deliver on Indy other wise pick up required. Discount possible if you come get it would like to exchange crates if possible as well. 51x 36y Near crystal strand and Willits
  3. Logged on this morning to find 1 packed tile and 2 others converted back to grass. Perhaps if this cant be fixed maybe the cool down timer can be lowered to counter act this.
  4. Yes 5 trait 5 speeds. When exiting Norrijus's east gate you will see Bliss on your right
  5. Veggies are all 90ql. Bliss Deed G17 in game map. (38x 19y) 10k in stock of each: Corn Onions Garlic 7k Pumpkins 6k Potatoes 5k Barely Also have in stock up to 20k wemp @ 86ql up to 5k cotton between 75-77ql ( old stock) Taking special orders if what you see here isn't what you want. Standard price 1s/1k. Delivery is possible depending on server Trips to xanadu would have to be at least 30k order. Pm Kimico, or Skarra in game or Kimico on Forums. Also for Indy people. Over stock in 5 speed horses 20c each male or female.
  6. Pm please if you have one your willing to sell and your price
  7. have up to 20k wemp at 86ql. pm kimico in game or forums if interested
  8. Bliss farms located 38x22y On Independence is taking orders on large quantities of crops. Have nearly 2.8k farm tiles and a lvl 90 farmer. Deliveries off server must be in orders of 10k or more. One farm cycle can produce about 20-25k crops. Pm Kimico any orders you have. Orders will be on a first come first served bases.