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  1. wts deed

    Thanks Mordraug and yes i have been busy irl and have not had much time to put into the game or sellers post, plus im way new to the forums. as i stated b4 i started a bypass for the highway so alot of the work for that is already done. mine is large some of the pens are 4 tiles some 6 tiles . and thx again
  2. wts deed

    theres really not much diff in day or night pics on deed simply because it is mostly trees, grass and the like the only buildings are the pen gatehouses. it is not coastal, upkeep is roughly 6 s and at this minute has 12 days left on upkeep, as for coordinance im unsure of that atm. but will get back to u. and i will try to get some daylight pics as well as soon as i get time.
  3. want to sell 43x43 deed on release with 40+enchanted fenced in grass tiles, large mine, mailbox pretty much clear of buildings perfect for setting up the way u want it, has a highway thru it but i started a by pass that could be completed fairly easily then get gm approval. should not b a problem. can contact on forum with rayven, in game rayven or arian. (Hell Hound Refuge) is deed name. 15 silver or bst offer. coordinance: X22 Y38 screenshots:slideshow : http://s1026.photobucket.com/user/gypsylady23/slideshow/hellhound%20refuge
  4. My client worked fine before the maintance restart this moring. Then once i logged back in i cant read anything.. all the txt is blurry and looks funky. I am anable to play this way as i can not read the actions and such required to play in full functinality. Is there a possible fix for this?