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  1. Hey Can you send to Draygon #8, #9, #10, #11 Cheers
  2. Hey can you send to Draygon X2 QL80, WoA81 1s42c Thanks
  3. Come join Chaos' newest PMK.... I love it here! Warm and helpful crew, keen to set you up with all you need. Defending the kingdom and raiding is so much fun, an adrenalin filled excitement! When home (our cave) we banter with each other which will leave you in stitches, (Mizova). Come join our crew.
  4. OMG~ your pulling together an awesome group of players and kicking butt where its needed most. I'm so jelly right now, I want to join you but I just can't, so if there is anything you need I'd be happy to help.
  5. Kiwiana

    Calling in a cook with 50+ skill... we need you, we can offer you a good sized room and a paddock if wanted, and all the freedom in the world to grind other projects. Come join our village of 4 priests and 4 villagers.
  6. Kiwiana

    Needing farmers.... come join us, there is a bit of everything for you to do here.
  7. I agree, I'm currently at a sermon group and cant sermon cos not every is on anymore. We agreed to be logged on 24/7 so we can all sermon even when others are afk. I only preached 3 times in past 3 days, and non of which are today because not everyone is at their desk to log back in. So 3 days have been a complete waste for 2 of my priests.
  8. I don't know, I already had 7 hours SB on Evalla, seems hardly worth it with all this down time, I cant see me getting 5 hours SB. :/
  9. CLOSE

    Hey there Please send to Draygon another 4 barrels of 79QL-79QL lemon juice 50c per small barrel Thanks
  10. CLOSE

    Hey there Please send to Draygon x2 barrels of 79QL-79QL lemon juice 50c per small barrel Thanks
  11. Kiwiana

    A lovely gesture from my newest villager, more rooms available.
  12. Hey Davih Can you post to Draygon QL 90 Fruit Press, oak c91 w77 (205c) Thanks
  13. hey can you send to Draygon Stone rune of Libia, bronze both 24c ones plz Cheers Draygon