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  1. The fix for this is two part: Easy The game has Two mouse sensitivity settings, one in the options. But there is also a 2nd Mouse Sensitivity setting. While in game press F1 ( brings up in game console ) Then type sensitivity 1 Press enter The value 1 works well for me, you can change that value from 0 to 10. Play around with it to find the best value that works for you. Try the lowest setting possible while still being able to control the mouse for best results.
  2. And why did you not just kill them both ? I mean really do you want them to breed and a nest of baby serpents
  3. Wonder how many ppl it would take to slap the troll king to death ?
  4. Close

    Now this is a very nice account. Good luck , hope you make bank.
  5. New Rift Reported! Location is easy to get to. Lots of olive trees will need to be cleared. Start Time Location: http://
  6. After almost 12 days , Just now Source Spring has produced some source. Cheers and thanks for the reply's / help.
  7. Source Spring on Deed in a mine . Deed only has deed owner / alts. Going on 10 days with no source. Have a toon watching Source spring for two days in a row 24/7. No one is drinking / access the spring. Spring is behind two gates on deed.
  8. Have had alt with-in two tiles of the on deed source spring now for over 24 hours on the off chance someone was drinking it , Can confirm that source fountain is not refilling. Will keep him logged in for a few more days watching. But atm it does look like this source spring is not refilling. Going on 9 days now no source liquid.
  9. Ok I guess if you are not part of a deed or don't have the pickup permissions you can't drink from the source fountain. So it is a bug Edit : Was given the wrong information from support , you can indeed drink from a source fountain that is on deed that you are not apart of.
  10. The only people on this deed are me and my alts. But keeping a toon logged in for a few days should not be that hard.
  11. You don't tame a troll you dominate it , then you tame say a horse to drop the dominate on the troll. This is on freedom so no worry about picking locks. Only person on deed permissions are my alts.
  12. Source Spring on deed inside a mine. I noticed a source spring I found on deed stopped producing Source. After a week of no source , I thought someone is drinking it. I put gates around the fountain. I go dominate a troll and drop tame on him while he is on top of the source fountain. Everyday I log in I tame him again. It has been over two weeks now no Source. edit: I will keep one toon logged-in 24/7 and check logs every morning just to confirm this bug. edit: Over 24 hours and still no source liquid. Over nine days now with fountain not refilling
  13. Why do I feel like the OP is an Elwood alt. +1 #BlameElwood