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  1. As title reads, i'm experiencing difficulty obtaining the current patch updates i have only just installed the Wurm client, and i get the message Error: patch requests are being tampered with cannot proceed, if anyone knows how to fix this error could you please let me know the appropriate steps to fix the patch updates.
  2. Would you take OSRS GP i recently quit and it's worth $$ Let Me Know
  3. Dear players of Wurm, I had been living in Elevation, under a deed named Silver leaf until owner of deed had abruptly left game with little to under a weeks upkeep, i log in a couple days later to find the deed disbanded aswell as a Drake Spirit killing me, i was unable to return to my corpse and am lost where to go i have bare minimum tools, and not sure of a good starting area all i really require is some tools, armour, and weapon of any description or ql, could anyone please give me any advice where i should pick myself up from this situation. -Thanks Bruz If anyone has an offer to keep me under their deed i will be more then obligated to help you with any labour, etc, etc, i can make bricks, arrows, anything you may require i am just asking for means to level up my skills.
  4. As title reads, 34 QL Supreme Plank, Birchwood post offers please.
  5. Okay message Bruz im online now ingame.
  6. Willing to sell between 1500-2500 Dirt in Pristine (Serenity), Pick up only-- 1s for 1,500 1.5s for 2500 Please post before contacting and we will organise a time and discuss the location -Thank You Bruz
  7. Thanks for the advice, and drkpagan, I am on firecat, ragzdads, and such's deed.
  8. Hello Wurm Community I have recently joined the game 3 nights ago, I have found a few helpful people that have let me build on their Deed but I am completely oblivious as to what I should be training I am non premium, I am waiting until all skills are 20 someone told me this is most efficient as F2P cap is at 20, what should I be focusing on skillwise, and resource wise because I have no clue what I am doing, Ingame name: Bruz. - Thank You Guys
  9. I Only Just Started, Terrible that the servers are being victim of DDOS hope you guys are able to manage the situation soon. Looking forward to play and am yet to read the patch updates.- Bruz