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  1. [N/A]

    Esp is such a bug cheat
  2. [N/A]

    Can vouch, bad server
  3. Its alot worse now though
  4. There is no good fix for it, people should know by now
  5. TWL - Closing

    I just swam across the ocean to play as codeine
  6. Time zone's i guess, Vampires and Kangaroo land
  7. AlwaysOnline

    In games like ARK, People put you in cages and you have to literally eat your own ###### to escape, In this people will die and be banned. In Rust/Ark, People that have not logged in since a server restart also do not show as online.
  8. AlwaysOnline

    AlwaysOnline - When you leave the world your character stays logged in like Rust or Ark