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  1. Allow us to just drag food to the hitching post to put it in the trough without needing to open it and put food in the trough directly. It's already a thing with tackleboxes, which is far more complicated with subgroups than the hitching post is. (could be useful for other items as well)
  2. It doesn't take place over Christmas so players can spend time with their families, I imagine. Many events in this world are named after a holiday yet not on the actual date of the holiday. And regardless of whether a GM is holding it or not, it is a community event that many players go to and enjoy, and it helps players get things imped and casted...which is after all the point of an impalong yes? Shrimpiie's just as much human as the rest of us, and he's not holding this annual event with his GM account he just happens to be staff. Cecci, I love you like a sister but I honestly don't understand you sometimes.
  3. Simple suggestion; allow players to lead a unicorn if they've put a bridle on it without having to retame it. Keep it unhitchable or unrideable unless tamed for balance. This would make life far easier for those that are breeding unicorns without having to retame the male or female every time. The mechanic is already there to put a bridle on, let us use it :)
  4. I'd love to see hedges changed so that when you are planting them, you have three options: plant low, plant medium and plant high. They'd still start out as low like they do now, but it would set the max height during the planting action. This way we could have low or medium flowering hedges like the rose, lavender, oleander and camellia; or even low cedar/maple if we wanted without having to constantly prune for the desired look. May be interesting to have a high lavender hedge as well I love how the new hedges look, but most don't fit with how my deed plan is designed. *edit* would also like to see the medium hedges raised to be in line with gates in height lol
  5. would like to see unique skulls added to that; I'm sure there are other items as well
  6. if you have a deed, tame your wolf and brand it; then when you untame it the wolf will be safe from your templars
  7. that is the one color I didn't test but did think had changed some lol hence mentioning it could have been dyed in the past
  8. while granted these aren't every single available horse color, I think it's safe to say the saddles aren't taking on horse colors: you might want to examine the one on the gold horse to make sure it wasn't dyed sometime in the past tho.
  9. I'd love to see this added, would make breeding programs so much easier
  10. this would fix the problem neatly
  11. Technically you don't get it from a tree, you get it from the alien plants at rifts after the rift is closed. Oleanders are bushes not trees.
  12. *dusts off this thread* just discovered that wood altars show wood types, hoping again for plank fragments to be added in