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  1. Let there be planks of all wood types

    this would fix the problem neatly
  2. Archeology wood colors

    Technically you don't get it from a tree, you get it from the alien plants at rifts after the rift is closed. Oleanders are bushes not trees.
  3. Archaeology, add plank fragments

    *dusts off this thread* just discovered that wood altars show wood types, hoping again for plank fragments to be added in
  4. any chance to get the affinity stars back on there? in some ways it actually made it easier to count them than in game lol
  5. Amulet/Ring of <Settlementname>

    I'd at least like to see the examine on the mini tokens have the same effect as the 'find direction' on the report leading to the cache; I have over a hundred minitokens and don't remember where all of them were found on pristine.
  6. Locked in room

    just tested one story buildings; above ground they'll still kick on relog if you have no perms; in a mine though they do not kick you out of the building when you relog
  7. Damage taken to toons during pvp fights

    not sure if this affects that situation, but a few weeks before this thread there was a bugfix Bugfix: Changed the calculation method for the antigank CR bonus to smooth out the number and prevent it from jumping around so much.
  8. If you could pick your villager, who would it be?

    I wuvs you too lady
  9. Sacrificing 2 types of valrei mission items

    The name of a valrei item doesn't currently matter, it'll add to whichever the earlier mission was first I believe.
  10. Ability to snuff fireplaces at night

    I very much support making the fireplaces lit optional. It seems once you light it once on deed it will always be lit at night whether you want it to be or not without taking drastic measures like taking it off deed and letting it burn out of fuel (which if you try at night requires pushing the silly thing off deed instead of loading/unloading it)
  11. Make electrum indestructable

    Electrum is used to make the age reduction runes, which is key to being able to transport venerable animals between servers. It's not totally useless. I would however like to see more runes made from it, such as humid drizzle maybe for helping get rid of disease. 10% increased size would be amazing as well, plenty of volume runes and only one size rune atm. But it does have its uses; the necklace from electrum has a different model that's quite nice as well.
  12. The kyklops actually is quite small. You can get an idea of size by the resulting weight of the statue, 10kg for the statuettes, 35kg for the kyklops as one of the smallest statues (think boy/girl/dog statues) and 100kg for the largest one, the drake statue.
  13. That's not a bug though; as far as I can see it's added in so that players don't have to examine every egg in their coop for the fertile ones. You can rename them to anything you wish when you transfer them to the ground
  14. [Fixed] Rare but not rare in description - new reel

    fishing hooks also don't have rarity in description