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  1. 10. 2s *edited* thought it had been previously bid on, sorry lol; hoping no upset at lowering the bid, but since the thread is quiet atm seems fair
  2. The freedom isle tag generally keeps templars from attacking the aggressive creature, which is why I believe that both taming and branding cause creatures to have that tag. The halloween graphics thing sadly extends to any creature that is branded/tamed; my champ dog is just a normal champ dog because she's branded, same with my champ stag and fierce deer, yet when the fierce deer had her baby it's a tentacle pumpkin. This has happened at least the last two years or so, probably longer but my memory isn't that long.
  3. no, if you check your foals/lambs/calves/bison/unicorns/etc when they're born they do not have a tag; only hellhorse foals
  4. mother is dead; and the parent being branded would not make the lamb have the tag only hellhorses are born with the tag to keep templars from attacking them when they're born (it's always a good idea to brand them as soon as you can though, there are a few bugs that will remove that tag such as loading them into an animal crate and unloading them if they're not branded)
  5. I have an adolescent sheep with the freedom isles tag; to the best of my knowledge only branded or tamed animals should have that tag with the exception of hellhorses bred in captivity. The sheep is alone in a 2x2 pen on Belle Sunday deed on Pristine if it needs to be checked out.
  6. to be fair, I might have unticked it myself thinking it was unnecessary (as per the old wording was a bit confusing) I do wonder what happens though if I have say two donkeys both named Sad and I nickname one DD2 and the other DD2.5 because they both have 2 draft traits; will it still refuse to add properly?
  7. tyvm, I'll let you know if I have issues in the future; I didn't have that box checked until now so likely you're right
  8. I have no idea what's going on lately with granger, but I've been having issues adding new babies and getting the message that the selected herd has that name already when it doesn't; I have to have a 'sortingherd' setup that's basically empty to add problem children to that and then transfer to the appropriate herd I'd gotten somewhat used to dealing with that, but now I've had a baby literally overtake one of the adult horses and replace them with the baby's info; when I tried putting the adult back in I managed to get a screenshot of the message *edit* my vision has been crap the last couple years so I'm actually wondering how screwed up my herds are if I missed that happening in the past and only just glanced over in time to see it happen