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  1. she's good now; dusted off an old mag priestling
  2. You can actually farm reeds already; but not kelp unfortunately. I think it's a depth of 4-7 underwater for reeds, and just pick seeds from the reed plant.
  3. back to the first page; this is not just to protect from misclicks but to also protect players from griefing
  4. back to the first page
  5. ok, I never specifically stated that priest res/res stone actually stacked; I did state that both showed up on death and that they might be interconnected however, it's still a poor idea to remove res stones entirely from game in my opinion, which I also realize isn't something that anyone particularly cares for anyway Removing the bad RNG chance of 50% to not lose items (which goes into code club's pockets whenever they're bought for 5s) will make pvp less likely to happen than it already is, unless armor is balanced on chaos like it was on epic.
  6. good timing from order to delivery; excellent service thank you
  7. some are only build-able inside caves afaik; like the pillar one
  8. Both magranon and my res stone were mentioned in that death; whether the items were mentioned twice or not. They may or may not stack for items but they do seem to work together regardless.
  9. aye but you're missing this line [18:01:29] Magranon can't keep your items safe this time. this time WU is not an exact copy of WO code, they made that clear in the beginning.
  10. [18:01:29] Magranon can't keep your items safe this time. [18:01:29] You are halted on the way to the netherworld by a dark spirit, demanding knowledge. [18:01:29] The spirit touches you and you feel drained. [18:01:29] Magranon is with you and keeps you safe from the spirit's touch. [18:01:29] The ancient symbol of the stone preserves your sanity and knowledge in the nether world.
  11. -1
  12. it fully heals 5 wounds...that's it; yes it was nerfed into the ground
  13. Tested and I think I confirmed (it got buggy) that you cannot bury a branded animal; but since the team doesn't seem to think the pvp community deserves the animal management ability, that would not include all players. And not everyone brands their animals. Or has a deed so that they can do so.
  14. I've been able to bury corpses on or off deed since 2014 with impunity; have mentioned it before with concern and it was never looked at, thus it became a feature like many other such features.
  15. don't forget there's no deed permission or setting to stop any player from burying animals on a deed; anyone can walk by and bury your horse that might have been fully geared...they could lose everything including the saddle sacks on the horse with whatever was inside