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  1. I also have sheep with both vibrant and more resources and can verify the milk results at 1.3k per (or at higher skills, 2.6kg or 3.9kg etc) since op and I have apparently the same approximate skill (I get 2.6kg from those sheep) my math says that 4.4kg is giving 2.2kg per which is 1.2kg over the usual amount; if it has vibrant as well this means the rare gene gives 1kg bonus milk; that's pretty impressive to me. If you have an animal with that gene and 80 skill you'd get 8kg of milk daily, more with Vibrant and More Resources added in. from the wiki: The amount of milk produced depends on milking skill level and age of the animal: 1.00kg below 26 skill 2.00kg at 26 skill (maximum amount for Adolescent animals) 3.00kg at 53 skill (maximum amount for Mature animals) 4.00kg at 80 skill
  2. how about instead of mind logic, coffee gives temp mind speed affinity?
  3. I'm not sure what it's trying to update in WA, but this is the second time I've seen this type of thing since I started using WA again (I mostly use it for granger lol): [08:47:18] > Info > WurmApi > SkillEntryParser: Skill message appears to inform about affinity, not supported. Raw entry: Timestamp: 9/19/2021 2:35:52 PM, Source: , Content: Mind has increased to rank 1 affinity
  4. I'd like to be able to right click a wiki link in game and open an outside browser myself, instead of being forced to open it in the ingame wiki window
  5. *dusting cobwebs off a couple older suggestions that are still relevant*
  6. *dusting cobwebs off a couple older suggestions that are still relevant*
  7. Being on chaos, the mine doors you generally use most often (at least when I played there) are stone mine doors; wooden and metal ones are created with a door lock as part of the materials. The wording on that could be made less confusing though, I agree.
  8. It wouldn't be my call, thankfully that's above my paygrade. There would probably be investigation into the reasoning behind actions though. This is a multiplayer game, and if you don't have a reason to remove the mine door in example C other than to cause someone else frustration, I'd suggest you just don't do it and be on your way somewhere else. When you choose to do an action, stop to think how you'd feel if that action was done to you. It tends to make life easier for all involved.
  9. example A; you come across an apparently abandoned area (decaying fences, decaying buillding, etc) and a low quality mine door is nearby; is it fine to bash? yeah most likely, it's an abandoned area example B; you come across an area where someone's obviously actively playing; repaired house, repaired fences (or barely damaged but low quality) some farm tiles in various stages of growth, etc and a mine door that's low quality because the player is probably a newbie that can't imp it any higher and just wants to keep monsters out; bash it? Personally I'd advise against it; while it's not against the rules, the player will likely get upset and be confused if they don't catch you in the act; it's polite to not destroy their stuff example C; you get into arguments with someone in Freedom or GL or even local that are witnessed by other players, and you decide that you want to bash their perimeter mine door because 'hey it's not on deed, it's not against the rules!' and on the way out grab some crates and other stuff that is near the mine door. Now I'm not a GM, so it's not my call. But there's probably a good chance that'll be seen as griefing. make sense?
  10. the act of griefing is a matter of intent; if your intention is to cause trouble, it's not really a grey area is it?
  11. This is where I put my CM hat on; before you run off to bash every off deed mine door you see, make sure that you are not griefing anyone. It is the GMs decision in a circumstance whether griefing occurs, but if the only purpose of bashing off mine doors is to cause trouble with people it may be taken negatively.
  12. a mine door is not a protected item; if it is off deed it can be bashed just like an off deed fence or wall can be bashed; only buildings are protected on pve from bashing off deed
  13. mine doors are not the same thing as buildings and never have been
  14. And correct, if someone expands a deed over a mine door, the mine door belongs to the deed until the deed disbands or resizes off of the mine door. They 'own' the mine entrance/door because it is now part of their deed. Something you can do to protect a mine door is have a building in front of it which would block deeding over it, though a perimeter over it will keep the building from being repaired.