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  1. Would love to see low stone walls and curbs available in Slate/Sandstone/Marble, especially the curbs for decorating pathways.
  2. Manage Animals on Epic/Chaos

    Thank you, thank you, and one more time, thank you. Ironic that my last message was more than 4 months ago. But this is a huge QoL change.
  3. Wooden fragments

    Yes please; I'd even go so far as to say make there be a small chance to get the otherwise unobtainable woods such as rose, thorn and camellia.
  4. two options; embark on the wagon and move it a bit the bison should reappear still hitched (my experience is that it's kinda underground, more apparent with horses in this case) other option is since you've unhitched them already, relog for /lotime and the bison should be in the pen (assuming you were in a fenced in area when you unhitched) *edit* you mentioned cared for; check your animal management to see if it still shows on that list.
  5. Valrei International. 065

    please have them go in before mine give birth!!
  6. The State of Raiding

    Not a joke; yes I've seen the epic armor changes mentioned so I'll give them that. But where are the requests for the epic loot code? I'd judge that they haven't asked for it because they're all about the loot. This is the kingdom that's pushing for taunting merchants, when they fully admit to having 30 in their capital alone. Last I checked Panda might have three, tops; and those might even be from folks that have gone inactive. I can't speak for the other non TC kingdoms, nor will I try (I'm not like TC) but it seems that the onus of 'abuse' of merchants lays mostly on their own kingdom.
  7. The State of Raiding

    Whether or not scale and drake is a bit cheaper than it was a year ago, not many are interested in dropping 100-250-300 euro on armor that will get ganked off of them in the first few pvp battles. When numbers basically win in a pvp fight, and plate is pretty damned near a death wish in those pvp fights, there isn't much fun to be had by anyone except the side with the numbers. You may consider 100-300 euro to be cheap but I'm sorry I do not and many folks I know would agree. If you want to push any changes, push for epic armor balances to be added to chaos. Push for the epic loot system for enemies in local. Why haven't I seen that pushed by TC?
  8. Went to repair a slate shingle roof to find that it doesn't use slate shingles which are 7.5kg to repair, but slate shards which are 20kg to repair. I know most things repair with the material used to create, for example you repair a stone wall with a stone brick, a rounded stone wall with a rounded stone brick, I suggest you repair roofs the same way. Thatch for thatch roof instead of plank, pottery shingle instead of clay for pottery roofs, etc. Gets a bit tricky when you get to the floors, using bricks to repair slab floors but I think slabs would be good too tbh.
  9. Rare Clay Smelting Pot – 93ql

    cod to Lisabet please
  10. Can we dig floor next to reinforced wall?

    yes, you can mine the floor next to a reinforced wall with no issues
  11. Rare Clay Smelting Pot – 93ql

  12. Stuff with 100+ enchants at a flat rate.

    metal brush to Lisabet pls
  13. Lawn and perimeter tiles

    I believe that is actually one of the few things that deeds can control in their perimeter (others I can think of are buildings in perimeter and bridges in perimeter) the last mention I saw made about lawns in perimeter is here:
  14. [Fixed] Groups and Subgroups

    thank you both *goes to remove her empty groups*