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  1. Someday, maybe just maybe pvpers will be seen as worthy of this simple mechanic.
  2. back to the front
  3. I added the 'weird command' here for players that might not know what it is. There is absolutely no reason to be rude about it.
  4. welcome back Xor
  5. Press F1, type bind z "say help" can replace z with any key that works for you; also you can get creative as long as help or guards! is in the phrase. For example mine says "guards! coffee break is over, kill this thing!" It will always place it in the local channel regardless of what tab you're chatting in.
  6. 3s
  7. giving this thread another nudge
  8. I'd rather not have to search through 6 months worth of suggestions to find this one and dust it off, so I'm going to try bumping it a bit more often I think. This is a very important quality of life request for the PvP side of the playerbase.
  9. The untame/uncare thing is over a year old now, and isn't entirely the point of my complaint this time. The point being that on freedom if you have your horse branded you can change its gear any time you please without the need to tame it. Thus anyone on freedom with a branded horse can easily use these new saddle bags/saddle sacks while it's on the horse without having to tame their mount just to take something out or put something in it. On chaos, sure if you're on a hell horse your animal is highly likely to be tamed; but I'm more likely to use a normal horse in my day to day playing and you don't want your normal horse tamed 24/7 so that mobs target them. And I honestly doubt anyone will be riding into pvp with a set of saddle bags on their hell horse. It's ridiculous that there's such a disparity in the code when it's a quality of life thing. How hard could it be to have the manage animals only work within kingdom and completely non-affected by the enemy? They have plenty of other code that covers that situation.
  10. *dusts off the thread once again with the inclusion of saddle bags* Saddlebags are a great idea, but useless on a pvp server since you are required to have the horse tamed to access the bags. Please give us some of the options for animal management, even if not all, and have enemies not affected by animal management. Something at least.
  11. I was incredibly excited about saddlebags/saddle sacks, until I realized that since the wurm team has decided that the pvp population cannot have animal management (with the untaming/uncaring buttons) we also have no use for the saddle bags. Apparently you need to have your animal tamed in order to access said bags, or in the case of freedom you can just have your horse branded and add/remove stuff from them whenever you please. I'm sorry, but this is a bit unfair for the pvp population. *edit* TLDR: if you play on both epic and freedom don't bother to get your gift on epic.
  12. Fair enough, but your argument also goes for the other ideas in this thread tbh. And I imagine it's why the team doesn't seem to want to touch the topic with a 10 foot pole. But there shouldn't be the complete inanity of killing a ton of alts with the same name and numbers tacked on either. *edit* Or here's a thought, how about removing the absolutely insane personal goals such as killing a player with a peg, or belaying pin, or other non actual weapon? Then it wouldn't be a 'requirement' to use an alt to complete those personal goals. I understand personal goals being difficult, but having to do something that dumb to complete one is...yeah. Pickaxes and shovels barely make more sense than a belaying pin.
  13. It took me a long time to pipe in on this thread, but those who know me also know that I've never been fond of killing alts for affinities. I do not agree with the majority of 'suggestions' in this thread, but I do agree that the alt affinity kills are an abuse of the system. Anything that requires you to use a VPN (or a friend logging in the alt) to get around the spy prevention program is an abuse of the system. Stop for a moment and ask yourself why the spy prevention system was even put into place? I honestly don't have a good answer to stopping the abuse, other than making it a bannable offense, especially when it's painfully obvious, such as 6 alts with the same name with i, ii, iii, etc tagged onto the name. I do like the idea of freedomers being able to gain an affinity of sorts through grinding their preferred skills on their own accounts; not sure exactly how that would work out, but it's a start. Completely changing the freedom isles kingdom on chaos is not the answer though. This is a sandbox, and people should be able to play as they wish, within the rules. Affinity kills are a grey area apparently, and I would fully support an actual rule against them, with proper punishments for breaking said rules.
  14. Sometimes need to let them both be glowing for a bit longer before it works; try doing something else while they're heating.