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  1. Branding for easy equipment changes, renaming animals, the uncare and untame buttons in the animal management menu are things that are not available to the PvP servers in Wurm Online, though I'd lobbied for it to be fairly added to them for a few years. Unfortunately if you want those 'perks' you'll have to make a PvE server.
  2. I think it's awesome that skill transfers are made possible for those that want to play on epic and for those that want to escape epic. I don't appreciate feeling like I'm forced to play on epic if I want fair pvp.
  3. Could I please get an answer as to why this is only for epic? It would increase QoL for all pvp players.
  4. Please remove Empire from your title; the Empire of Mol-Rehan was a pmk on chaos, as far as I can see you're recruiting for the template Mol-Rehan kingdom. Thanks
  5. As a mag priest, you are not allowed to dig. I'm in the process of depriesting, and I started leveling tile borders, but only the initial action causes faith loss. Subsequent "you assemble dirt from a corner" doesn't.
  6. I noticed it too; my post lists the reason I think it's happening. I'm no code diver so I can't back that up with anything except experience and common sense, tbh. *edit* if you're correct with the 1/10th though, that's even worse. Not only are you getting fewer characteristic ticks because of the way the skill system works, but you're getting less per tick.
  7. I believe the WU characteristic curve you mention is what I noticed when I played on WU, Jaz. This is my understanding of that 'curve': Because you don't need to do the 1.01-39.99 to get skill, you're getting crafting/gathering skills with every action. Because of this, you're doing far less actions and gaining far less in characteristics. On WO, if you are mining and have to rig your pickaxe to mine the 1.01-39.99ql to gain mining skill, every action you do, whether it gives you mining skillgain or not, still adds to your characteristics. If you change that to the WU skillgain system, you're getting mining every time because ql doesn't matter, so you're doing far less actions to get to 90+. What this also means though, is you have far fewer actions giving you body, body strength, body stamina, etc. If this change goes through, causing epic to have the same type of skillgain as WU, you're effectively gimping the players on that server to not only have lower stamina than those on freedom because of past mechanics, but to ALWAYS be lower than those that come over from freedom. It's a complete slap in the face to those players on epic that have been loyal to Code Club and Wurm all these years. Characteristics in many ways are more important than many other skills when it comes to pvp. Specifically the body characteristics.
  8. It's a very valid question, as elroth asked the same thing earlier and while retro did answer part of the question, he seems to have missed the first part of it. I'm interested in learning the answer as well.
  9. I'm interested in Retro's answer as well; I do believe that it means you get a one time transfer of your skills from freedom to epic. After that, it's as it is currently where your skills on one don't affect your skills on the other.
  10. that's the part I think you missed
  11. Everyone in this game has the right to be treated as equally as anyone else; there should be no majority/minority. Whether you personally pvp or play on epic or not, they're paying customers too.
  12. I actually tried a character on epic once; didn't get that far to be fair but the affinity did not transfer to freedom; she had a completely different one on freedom. *edits* Btw, I'm of the opinion that allowing freedomers to take skills to epic but not vice versa is completely unfair. Leaving behind items/tomes/etc either way it would be most fair for both sides to get a one way port with their skills. This is to allow those that no longer wish to play on epic for whatever reason to play the character with the skills that they've spent so much time building up. All the complaints over the last couple years that Epic accounts are soo much stronger and such because of the curve, well guess what; a bunch of freedom accounts showing up in Epic with all their skills that were equally slaved over will do the exact same thing to that cluster that people fear Epic accounts coming to freedom would do. Especially with the fact that epic had far fewer ways to increase their body stamina than we freedomers had. Only one way would seriously unbalance the cluster imo.
  13. with new client, dye doesn't show color visually as liquid [14:55:23] Dye, used to colour clothing and items with. Colors: R=31, G=224, B=31. This has a very low nutrition value.
  14. Casted up a saddle with [05:02:17] Wind of ages has been cast on it, so it will be quicker to use. [102] and curious what it's worth? Currently 72ql but that's an easy fix.
  15. Well, to be fair, I've never denied being crazy Yes, Cecci, Kat and I taught you of the crop bird