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  1. there's alot of pages so I'm not sure if this has been brought to your attention, but could you make Granger differentiate between hellhorse foals and adults? the examine does slightly show the difference [14:14:56] This fiery creature is rumoured to grow up to be a mount of the demons of Sol. vs [14:16:05] This fiery creature is rumoured to be the mounts of the demons of Sol. it keeps thinking my hellbabies are breedable Ok, it seems my launcher wasn't updating itself because I'd used the launcher that didn't constantly force me to choose between WO and WU. I'm now at 110, and hopefully things will work properly. Sorry
  2. I actually had this same issue after hitching some hellhorses on one account the other couldn't see them; when I right clicked the hitching post and unhitched animals they appeared to both accounts.
  3. Deed: 955, 1779 Bloodoak
  4. I know your forum account is newish, but how old is your game account? Some time back most of the skills from Epic were copied over to the Freedom cluster (with x3 next to the part you didn't get) so that players on epic could transition over to the freedom cluster (including chaos). It was a one time thing but if your account is old enough you may have gotten that. If it's a new account, why did you start on epic? Just curiosity asking.
  5. don't you know that there's no girls on the interwebs? geez
  6. Had my client close on me mid-sentence, here's my console log:
  7. Wurm has grown graphically in leaps and bounds from my initial discovery of the game in early 2014. I would really love and enjoy a rework of the character creation options (and we do have some wonderful art members on the wurm team) to give more choices in hair styles, hair colors, facial features, and most especially skin tones. It's more than time for this to be added into the options when you make your character.
  8. I don't generally chime into these discussions, but would like to put my two bits forward. Instead of fighting the 'alt abuse' issue, I think we could focus more on the intent of the accounts being used. Regardless of the stats/skills of an account, and whether it's an alt or a main account, or any of those 'tags', we could instead focus on the intent an account is being used for. If someone mines their way close to an enemy deed and then strongwalls/reinforces the account into a 1 tile underground location with no more purpose than to watch who moves around in local, I'd say the intent itself is a toxic one and puts a dampener on overall pvp and play of wurm for most other players. Whether that strongwalled in account has 20fs, 40fs, 95fs, or 5fs; really doesn't matter in my mind. The account's sole purpose is to put a dampener on the local populations movements and playstyle. The reduction of this sort of playstyle would likely increase the overall enjoyment of a pvp server for the majority of players on it. Generally if there's an instance of toxic gameplay on freedom, which results in griefing tickets, the wurm team takes all circumstances into view and usually figures out whether there is intent behind the negative gameplay and who/what is going on and takes things from there. I'd say the same mindset should be used on the pvp side; if you're intentionally playing in such a way to disrupt and/or make the gameplay toxic to others, it should be looked at. I know and understand there are very few rules on the pvp server past personal attacks and such in chat, but there's also precedent when things are taken too far, and usually there ends up being a mechanics change or simply an order to stop doing certain things that are decided to be detrimental to overall gameplay and the health of Wurm itself. We want this game to be around for a long time, even the argumentative folk usually speak out because they love Wurm and want it to get better. Why can't we police ourselves when we can usually see something as admittedly bad for the game and just stop doing them? Whether mechanics allow or not? If you look at something and wonder if it should be done, usually it shouldn't...regardless of mechanics. I'd like to extend the idea that it's more fun to play for everyone when it doesn't get nasty and personal on either side. Kill each other, good fight, move on for the next fight.
  9. Corned beef and cabbage is actually a static one with my name :) I'd helped with the testing phase and asked for it to be added.
  10. curious whether the supreme sauce pan was created before or after the cooking update? they changed size/volume when it came out
  11. I have to agree, using non premium brand new accounts to cap the Hota battlecamps is unfair to players actually living on chaos.
  12. I'm sorry but please no. I can't see how that would be at all immersive.
  13. I hate seeing when stuff like this happens; I'll happily send you three of my snowmen to replace the stolen ones, just want to make sure your in game name is Tria right? So I mail to the right person Also, in the future, you can secure/plant snowmen I believe, so they can't just be stolen if the player doesn't have pickup planted perms (most of my deed roles don't have that permission checked)
  14. agreed, would be nice to see the same popup window you get if someone manually right clicks you to add friend
  15. I'm the mentioned friend, and I seriously believe that dyes have been broken. Cart before HDR: Cart after HDR: