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  1. shouldn't it be Donkey then? with a capital D, considering all named creatures start with capital letters I had one of those early on myself
  2. I have to admit, I'm actually pretty disappointed that this thread has been here for literal years and still isn't an option in game. Why? Is there actually a valid reason for denying darker skin tones for players?
  3. as far as I'm aware, they never were smeltable, and because they can come in moonmetals
  4. Wild horses

    ok, I think I might have the reason behind this...if your ah is high enough to see 'bred in captivity' then it shows that; if it's not, it shows wild animal same calf in both screenshots: same horse in both screenshots: the account with higher ah has 68 ah and the other one has 40 ah so can't see bred in captivity
  5. my 40 ah account can see 'graceful eater' and I'll check with her on the other newer traits to see which ones she can see and update this if there are more at 40 cannot see: vibrant looks stationary slow metabolism extremely sick shabby and frail unbelievably fast (rare speed) at 40 can see: graceful eater pick stuff up seems more friendly easy on its gear strong legs (new draft trait) prize winning gives more resources my next step is checking with my 33.84 ah the ones I can see with the 40 ah will fill that in below at 33.84 ah can see: gives more resources
  6. Wild horses

    that's odd; mine weren't doing that
  7. Had a friend tell me they couldn't make hay, and through troubleshooting we discovered the issue was sloped tiles (higher slope than farming permits for a tile). I tried making a tile with a 16 corner slope, got what looked like the correct tile, but couldn't ted it. (also, it seems that the old UI can't see the tile as anything but dirt, but does get info about it on examine) [14:38:46] The ground is not flat enough for crops to grow. You need to flatten it first. *edit* On right click, you see the Farming and Harvesting options, but only harvesting works.
  8. Hay to Dirt

    in the last few days, out of 15 tiles 4 of mine have gone to dirt, and the furthest in steps I've gotten is 'almost dried'
  9. we'll have to wait for others to report in then lol (stops making semieducated guesses )
  10. I have 63 AH and can see if they're hungry (you have a ?? on that one) since you show it's greater than 55 and I see the info at 63 my educated guess is that it's visible at 60 AH *edit* could also see it at 62
  11. I can't give you numbers, as I don't really know any more than you do from patch notes lol; but I did have my dog come to the dish from 7-8 tiles away
  12. here's an idea that may or may not be interesting to the BL side; what about possibly an electrum rune that does genesis? electrum only has the rune that reduces age atm sorry, brainstorming here lol
  13. I noticed the same thing when the pile of potatoes I left for my champ dog and pig were rotting and they were hungry; the new pet dishes for food work very well and are less material intensive than making the troughs. chickens also eat out of the food dish (carving knife on log)
  14. With 23 new traits and the traits working differently, how will the ability to see what traits an animal has be affected? Currently you need 41 AH to see all the current traits. What animal husbandry will we need to reach to see all the negative traits, as well as all the rest of the traits?
  15. there's alot of pages so I'm not sure if this has been brought to your attention, but could you make Granger differentiate between hellhorse foals and adults? the examine does slightly show the difference [14:14:56] This fiery creature is rumoured to grow up to be a mount of the demons of Sol. vs [14:16:05] This fiery creature is rumoured to be the mounts of the demons of Sol. it keeps thinking my hellbabies are breedable Ok, it seems my launcher wasn't updating itself because I'd used the launcher that didn't constantly force me to choose between WO and WU. I'm now at 110, and hopefully things will work properly. Sorry