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  1. even at 55+ gardening it can be very difficult to plant dotted flowers; they're the highest difficulty due to their rarity. *edit* if you have high stone cutting, may I suggest trying the marble planter? last year I found it easier to plant in those, not to mention slightly easier to imp marble planter.
  2. seems to be working now
  3. cod both to Lisabet pls
  4. if you don't want to use a third party website to get java se runtime environment 8.131 back, here's the link from the official site
  5. yes, most definitely wish this to be added
  6. agreed, and that's what I generally do; but it would be nice to have a button instead, and my priest doesn't always end up facing the altar in the case of keybinds *edit* also, I don't know how many times I've ended up misclicking a different option such as desecrate during lag spikes I'd like to avoid that if I can
  7. Simple QOL change; please add sacrifice to the select bar on altars. It has desecrate, which is used far less often than sacrificing favor, and there's plenty of room for another button. Thanks
  8. fixed, and thanks for bringing this up
  9. I was part of that deed during my very short try of epic. Great people, and sad to see it fall.
  10. I don't know if he still wants it, so removing this now, sorry
  11. time to give this a nudge
  12. could we get clarification on if this is a bug please? it's reproducible...
  13. that would account for bad connection and/or the embarking issues in most cases
  14. Proper relog may fix it, but during pvp proper relog isn't exactly possible in many cases because enemy in local will screw with your /lotime.