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  1. As I buy the stuff or make it my self, I will keep updating how much I need and am willing to purchase. Mortar Needed: 70,000
  2. I have a large project coming up, and have grown burnt out making the 10k I have already. I need about 75,000 of the stuff. Well not quite that much but extra is nice to have. I live on Deliverance. Send me a message if you have some you want to sell.
  3. Getting out to other islands is fun. Xandu, not so much. That castle design was put up a long time ago and even now I don't know what would work better, as the deed was designed around the building it self. I could keep the build and just change out the walls as it was built before the other materials had come out. As I now will be using slate and marble in the build, perhaps a third type of brick. There are some things that I don't care for. One the main entrance into the building is from the south, but the tunnel is to the west. So its a bit of a run around to get into the main building. Not much but enough to add more turns that I don't care for. Storage of bulk goods is the major draw back. The multiple floors was intended to for storage but hoicking stuff up and down a latter with a rope is a PITA. So I will want to design it with easy access ramps in the future. The 5x5 foot print was chosen as I also wanted to host sermon parties as they were a thing back in the day. While also providing people the opportunity to do their crafts while they stood around. Also I had toyed with the idea of perhaps hosting a Impalong up there, but the building is to small for that, the hike up the mountain takes to long, and no sea access means people wouldn't make the trip. So the new design will take all this into account. If you get off your horse at the top of the mountain, there is an accolade for tiles above sea level achieved, or just walk it, just be sure to bring water. The small barrels of water I leave in the tunnel go missing once every 4 months so I stopped leaving them to stop and drink about 6 months ago.
  4. Put it up on pastebin the long way.
  5. Hello all. Recently I had began a new deed after finishing the mountain one. I have been gathering slate and marble. Which isn't easy to find, especially in the quantities I wanted. While those bricks were made and stashed away, I got to making the mortar. That is when it occurred to me, why place such rare resources into a deed that isn't even that important to me and is only being done to keep me busy in game? My mountain deed had its top done back in 2016. The longest part was the access tunnel up to the top of the mountain at G 11. I still intend to build at the new deed but that idea will change as to what it is made out of. The mountain Top deed is connected on the highway network as I had hopped to get visitors but in the last 5 years, I have only had 9 people that I know of pop up there. Most of them told me they would never do the trip again :D. Any ways, I am currently up there making more mortar and will be for a bit longer. If you want to come up and see the view you are welcome to as the original design was intended to preserve the view. Normally I wouldn't even post what the deed looks like as once you do that, no one will explore it on their own. In this case, since I am about to demolish the work I have up there, I'll post what I have into a paste bin so you can look at it in Deed Planner. The satilite towers at the edge of the deed connected to the main structure via bridges was what I liked most of this design. As you can see, the deed was also some what fashioned to use the towers. The towers are there so you could get the best possible view ovedr the edge of the mountain. This is really handy when I have some kind of tree farm going, The pastebin is only good for a month from the date of this posting.
  6. This was Resolved with the last Wurm update. Go ahead and close.
  7. I know that Edge is now a mandatory feature on windows 10. you can not just uninstall it. So I went and removed it using the powershell. Not one help there. I don't even use the program. I prefer the antiquated Firefox. I have updated every driver for all my components at this point. The only option now I can think of is to do a Format: C and then start over from a clean drive. Ya, no. Not for 1 game. I had inteded to get the alt army all paid for and mine this month but not doing that if I can only mine with one character. My windows 10 Laptop is still able to load alts. But my main machine is SOL. I was thinking that perhaps the latest windows update had something to do with it so I updated my laptop. It still boots up multiple clients.
  8. Thank you for the help. I am pretty sure I didn't have a 32 bit java but to make sure, I even dove through my registry and if it said java I toasted the sucker. Alas that did not do any thing for me.
  9. I completely uninstalled wurm, deleted all files associated with it after the uninstall. Restarted the computer. Downloaded a fresh copy of Wurm. Installed it, restarted the computer. Other than loosing all the stuff I didn't want to give up in the first place, I am still having this issue.
  10. I use the 64 bit installer. CPU Ryzen 5 3600 RAM 32 Gb GPU 1080Ti 1 512Gb NVMe SSD (This one is the OS, but also has Wurm on it.) 2 SATA SSD's each 1 TB. 4 TB HDD for storage. Not over clocking. Normally I could get the whole alt army on and mine away before the update. Which was 9 Clients. No need to run more but I bet I could. I did try different graphic setting profiles just in case. These have smaller windows, lower graphic settings. Mixed and matched. Even did a clean install of JAVA.
  11. Using the non-steam client. I can not load up a second instance. If I log in one character then go back and attempt to load up Wurm for a second character, a second window will appear in my bar but will not load to the screen. This second program you can mouse over and it has some long 30+ character hash address but will never load. If I attempt to load two client up before one has a chance to fully load I get two of the programs in the bar but the launcher screen never loads on screen.
  12. I will take what you have offered at its normal price. Send it my ways please.
  13. 81,08ql clay - 99woa // 1,20s I will take this, a lot of mortar to be made soon. Theonis
  14. Close

    I will take the two snowmen. Theonis
  15. Thank you for poking around the place. I leave every thing open for visitors due to how remote it is, though the locks on the doors are to keep trolls out. I do agree it would be disappointing to make that climb to find it all locked up. The design of the place is intended to preserve the view. As for Ultima, I have never played it. I went with a traditional keep design as I wanted a castle on a mountain top. The flat area around it is for farms for the priest and sermon parties done at the top of the keep.
  16. I have a mountain top with two diffrent tunnels to the top. The first one has been retired and is natiraly collapsing. The secind is the one i prefer and can show you first hand the pros and cons of each design. I am located on Deliverance. If you dony want to travel or use the time to see it that is your digression. But the amount if timed saved to look at it would save many days of wasted time. The only suggestion i have is don't be in a hurry to just get it open. The amount of work to go back and make it look nice is far greater then doing it right as you maje it. A mistake i am regretting now. I tgought i was doing it right but the stuff you learn as you go is mind boggling.
  17. Already concluded this request, thank you for your interest.
  18. I am not in game often right now but rent is coming up. Hit me up via the forums.
  19. Put all your alts on a boat or cart and turn on no render for them, makes it a smooth ride as you bus them around. I have it key bound so that R turns rendering back on, and alt+R turn rendering off.
  20. Alright, contacting you as you suggested in your post.  Which paypal account will I be sending this to?

  21. if the math is correct, that will leave 25 left after budzilla gets his, I'll take the last 25.
  22. If the building owner is offline for longer then 90 days buildings will take three damage per day. Only if they are not on deed. So once the deed fell it was only a matter of weeks not months before the buildings were gone to deed over it.
  23. The cat rug had me laughing. Sure the markings were similar to one of my cats but it didn't stop me laughing loud enough the neighbor had to pound on the wall. As for the dogs around the cat on the cushion. That is so typical of cat behavior.
  24. This is correct, your position as being the coordinator for just about every public project does put you into a position of perceived leadership figurehead on the server. As can be seen by the conversation we had via PM, I asked first what needed to be done to be put back onto the list. The accusation retaliation in which you responded mentioned nothing of the sort. Instead it was perceived as a personal attack using your position as the leader of the hunting group to execute a personal vendetta. This event was the back history to show when the rift between Quasi and your self began to butt heads. I included it as a time reference. I was not in agreeance with the new system being pushed. I was one of those few over the four years of unique hunter. My priest alt dropped deeds to pen the unique in and I wasn't compensated and yes it sucked that others were riding off a few peoples generosity. I Even traded silver with you directly, along with items through the mail to help offset the costs. How many others helped with that I am not aware of. After all I was there for the hide of drake or dragon. Yes, I did not give money on every single deed drop. The other items that came from the old system was a nice bonus, and I made it a point to not sell any thing acquired as I was not about to turn a profit. Besides, skulls make for great decorations. It was just at this moment that when I did not support the new system I was accused of being supporting a group that saw you as the sole aggressor in removing them from the hunting party. At this point I didn't want to be involved in the two sides and the arguments. You have the one group in which I was friends with being ousted out. All of those people left the server except for one believing you were the sole person rallying the rest of server behind you. From what I am aware of, as I will iterate again, I was playing DayZ and on hatus from Wurm. MCM had asked quasi to not plant around his deed and from what I can see as evidence, quasi did not plant trees around his deed. As for you approaching quasi and telling him not to plant around your deed, this falls on the previous issuance of the hunting party thing. The party as the group approached you to fix it, which you did, but never mentioned that the rest of the group was those who wanted it resolved. So in this instance your alliance group, which are the majority of the those who are in the hunting party approached you again on their behalf. Once again, the two people having a war with each other are not going to listen to any kind of reason when it comes to the mention of the hated enemy. We all know how expensive it is to put deeds up the size that they are in that area. The majority of the deeds though in that area belong to DM members in which who have rotated into other games but want their areas preserved have left quasi to make sure they don't fall. It was already an area that had no deeds in it as well. Even Halar who is a DM member who lives in the area of Quasi tells me that you thought he was just another quasi alt. And blasted him for just building in the area since he was on his deed. There are over 50 members of DM, and Quasi is just the only one who plays wurm full time. When this war was going down between the two of you a few members of DM logged in their characters to see what was going on. So I heard over the TS that we use that you were up against the very edge of quasi's deed building a canal. Intentional or not, it does look like a provocative move to continue poking quasi with the guise of a public project with the middle finger to quasi that he can't do any thing about it by making it a heritage site. With you leading the project, the rest of the community thinks they are doing something good, when from what Quasi sees is you using the community to taunt him. Quasi Surface mines, that is what he likes to do, and that is where a large portion of his money comes from in this game. With all of his surface mining jobs now completed he went after something else to do. I have heard tales of people removing whole mountains before. Quasi is one of those people if pointed at a mountain am sure he would remove it. Now, as to why he started that canal you mention, I don't know why either. Though seeing how skilled he is with surface mining the project may have come out looking nice had it not been stopped but this I can't affirm to, I can only speculate. This is where things get complicated for me. I had been gone this whole time during this war between you and quasi, I was playing DayZ after all. But I can't do the same game every day, day in and day out. Upon me entering the game, the first thing I wanted to see was this deed he said he had placed for me. I hadn't even been in game 20 minutes when I encountered you at the base of the hill. It takes 10 minutes to get off the mountain top by foot. I said Hi to you in local and immediately after was Pmed by you accusing me of being teamed with Quasi to lock you in. I am sure you still have that history if you want to post it. I hadn't even seen where it was located at. As you continued to grill me I told that yes, I had mentioned to quasi that I planned on putting a deed down in that area because houses were being built and abandoned along the current path I used to the get the mountain. Since it wasn't a proper highway yet I didn't want to loose access to getting up or down the mountain. This had nothing to do with locking you in. From what I was last aware your deed perimeter ended a whole 30 tiles further south then it did when I cam back to the game. As I told you in the Pms was that I hadn't scouted the area I was still in the planning phase, and those Pms will also show that I intended to contact you directly before placing the deed up. I don't have access to the computer that does have that history so I don't have the luxury of referencing them. So where I get maneuvered into a corner and having to “take sides” is placed there by both you and quasi. Here I am trying to pull a Switzerland approach and just stay a neutral party to this whole fiasco between you two. I have a legitimate reason for why I wanted a deed in that area, though temporary as the plan was to be. You can go on down with your 90 archaeology and see the number of deeds that have rotated through there. You will find remains of areas people built houses at that still have the furniture but the houses are gone. The reason for me putting a deed there had nothing to do with your blood feud with quasi. The issue now is your are so aggressive in your PM's all I can envision is you just frothing at the mouth. Every thing I said to you, you aggressively asserted I did it to spite you. You were very insistent that I take the deed from quasi that day and then disband it because it was preventing you from expanding north. So here is my predicament. I can take the deed and drop it right then and there, granted I would have to find money to priem up an alt to do that, which at the time wasn't going to happen till the next pay day, two weeks later. And drop the deed, which now aloud you to expand north another 50 tiles which would cut off my ability to get up the mountain at. The option I was going with was to get the entrance figured out and then built as quickly as possible and then drop the deed. But you wouldn't negotiate, you just wanted the deed gone so you could expand. You told me to either drop it or I would regret my decision. After this conversation I focused on trying to get the entrance finished. What I went with wasn't ideal but it would have been the fastest way to solve the issue. I decided to tunnel, at this point I started this and found that the area was riddle with abandoned caves which were causing drop shaft. I was going to have to wait till I could get my nahjo priest priemd in those two weeks. During the time a unique spawned. I didn't get the a forum pm with the normal info that is related to it. Up until that foaming at the mouth moment I had been receiving the group Pms. At this point I figured you used your position as the group leader to cut me off over a personal matter. When I Pmed the others I knew who were apart of the party I was straight up ignored. Finally one person said it had to do with me being gone. I took it at face value because I didn't want to think it was over something petty. When I addressed you in the most recent PM's though, that is when I realized it was indeed over a deed placed by some one else for me on your north boarder. A personal reason and not a group decision. As I had told you in the PM's in which you were all over my like white on rice on a paper plate in a snow storm, I hadn't scouted the under subterranean area. As for imps, I paid for each one, 4s for a platemail imp from 60 to 80ql. 18S for a Huge axe with 87nm 85coc 91lt 86MS. I went to you for any thing that needed to be cast on, imped or touched up as I was a loyal customer. As for premium up toons for a sermon party. That was a public sermon party hosted at your place. We had 18 priests in line at one point. All I managed was the line order for a month of that party. The second month I had college work to get done so I couldn't be in game but I left my 4 priemd characters online to support the others who were there for that, just as you had your characters there for the public event. If there would have been a tunnel entrance it would have been 20+ tiles away from the edge of the perimeter. How far past a perimeter does some one own? The size of your deed is already what I consider is a staggering size. Roughly 90x110, We all know the perimeter was designed to allow for highways to be made between two deeds touching each other, but the practice is an unacceptable one. The forums mailing list is what I wanted to believe, it is just when I stopped getting forum messages correlates with after the heated discussion of me regretting putting a deed there. So when I asked to get placed back on the list you shot back with the whole quasi thing. Which to me only proved it wasn't a clerical error. As my first PM to you said, I wasn't looking to get into that hunt. Theo isn't preiemd right now, Torb is and he isn't a fighter. As for the link chat, the guy asked about it local so I was telling him that there are multiple groups looking for it, so silence is key. And that the groups are small and very good at what they do. You took it as insult when I meant it at a compliment about the efficiency of the group. Though observational filters can be applied. You see me as a person who wants to grief you at every turn. Hard to keep up with the community when I was cut off, Excommunicated the same day you throttled me when I came down to see where this deed was. No one would talk to me after this point. I would PM and be met with silence. I might get a hi but that was it. No more chatting like I remember it before. From what I could guess was that you told your followers that I was here to cause problems so don't talk to me. And not talk to me is what they did. People say there are two sides to a story, all I got was quasis, when I inquired about the other side I was met with only silence. Regardless of the two sides, the one I would really like to know is the one the GM's have of the matter. I have aligned my self with no side, quasi is apart of a larger gaming community that I a member of. But he doesn't speak for any of us, he is his own independent entity here. The rules you keep saying that I supported and am hiding behind is my own opinion on the deed it or loose it answer. My first deed location is in a location that original was a cherry forrest. Due to another one of the locals, and a resident on the other side of the lake not liking weeds they cut down every cherry tree in the area, and replanted it with pine, a more useful tree since the lumber gathered was in large quantities. I didn't like it happening but it wasn't something serious, though I did inquire for rule clarification. CM told me that I needed to deed it or loose it. This was a descent sized forest too that was whiped out. My south deed a year later had the small number of oak trees cut down, about 30 of them and then the south area was replanted with maple trees because they were more useful for making syrup. I talked to a few players as it felt like griefing. GM told me to deed it or loose it. For those who have seen the video I have of the progression of the deed area, you can see it is mostly maples thinned out by years of natural growth creep. Then there is an area south west of my mountain that is just shy of a 2x2 km area of replanted forest into groves of different kinds of trees, all off deed as well. Also we have the large desert down by PPM that I know is man made, the other two look that way but I can't be certain there. Then quasi goes and starts to replant the area with a more useful tree, oak. They are useful in that dangerous mobs do not spawn there. Useful in the fact you can see through the area and know ahead of time if you want to change your coarse. Because getting killed in Wurm has a hefty penalty should you die when you have high skills. Do I support that he wanted to turn the entire server into oak haven, no. Do I support the deed it or loose it answer that is given when ever an incident is isolated? Well when that is the only thing you are told from day one and that being 2011. With this Incident being in 2017 What has changed? Why did the deed it or loose answer now turn into restrictions? Is it because instead of one person complaining multiple people did? One person pointed out that since Jberg was quick to respond and take your side that it was you having a developer in your back pocket who could help you out. Thats the thing here, there are so many perceptions here. And here you are taunting him again. This whole deed situation could have been resolved long ago, but your decision to come at my throat like a rabid badger put me into a position that I knew you didn't want a civilized conversation and instead sent my ass right back up the mountain with an estoppel over the deed placement.