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  1. This was Resolved with the last Wurm update. Go ahead and close.
  2. I know that Edge is now a mandatory feature on windows 10. you can not just uninstall it. So I went and removed it using the powershell. Not one help there. I don't even use the program. I prefer the antiquated Firefox. I have updated every driver for all my components at this point. The only option now I can think of is to do a Format: C and then start over from a clean drive. Ya, no. Not for 1 game. I had inteded to get the alt army all paid for and mine this month but not doing that if I can only mine with one character. My windows 10 Laptop is still able to load alts. But my main machine is SOL. I was thinking that perhaps the latest windows update had something to do with it so I updated my laptop. It still boots up multiple clients.
  3. Thank you for the help. I am pretty sure I didn't have a 32 bit java but to make sure, I even dove through my registry and if it said java I toasted the sucker. Alas that did not do any thing for me.
  4. I completely uninstalled wurm, deleted all files associated with it after the uninstall. Restarted the computer. Downloaded a fresh copy of Wurm. Installed it, restarted the computer. Other than loosing all the stuff I didn't want to give up in the first place, I am still having this issue.
  5. I use the 64 bit installer. CPU Ryzen 5 3600 RAM 32 Gb GPU 1080Ti 1 512Gb NVMe SSD (This one is the OS, but also has Wurm on it.) 2 SATA SSD's each 1 TB. 4 TB HDD for storage. Not over clocking. Normally I could get the whole alt army on and mine away before the update. Which was 9 Clients. No need to run more but I bet I could. I did try different graphic setting profiles just in case. These have smaller windows, lower graphic settings. Mixed and matched. Even did a clean install of JAVA.
  6. Using the non-steam client. I can not load up a second instance. If I log in one character then go back and attempt to load up Wurm for a second character, a second window will appear in my bar but will not load to the screen. This second program you can mouse over and it has some long 30+ character hash address but will never load. If I attempt to load two client up before one has a chance to fully load I get two of the programs in the bar but the launcher screen never loads on screen.
  7. I will take what you have offered at its normal price. Send it my ways please.
  8. 81,08ql clay - 99woa // 1,20s I will take this, a lot of mortar to be made soon. Theonis
  9. Close

    I will take the two snowmen. Theonis
  10. Thank you for poking around the place. I leave every thing open for visitors due to how remote it is, though the locks on the doors are to keep trolls out. I do agree it would be disappointing to make that climb to find it all locked up. The design of the place is intended to preserve the view. As for Ultima, I have never played it. I went with a traditional keep design as I wanted a castle on a mountain top. The flat area around it is for farms for the priest and sermon parties done at the top of the keep.
  11. I have a mountain top with two diffrent tunnels to the top. The first one has been retired and is natiraly collapsing. The secind is the one i prefer and can show you first hand the pros and cons of each design. I am located on Deliverance. If you dony want to travel or use the time to see it that is your digression. But the amount if timed saved to look at it would save many days of wasted time. The only suggestion i have is don't be in a hurry to just get it open. The amount of work to go back and make it look nice is far greater then doing it right as you maje it. A mistake i am regretting now. I tgought i was doing it right but the stuff you learn as you go is mind boggling.
  12. Already concluded this request, thank you for your interest.
  13. I am not in game often right now but rent is coming up. Hit me up via the forums.
  14. Put all your alts on a boat or cart and turn on no render for them, makes it a smooth ride as you bus them around. I have it key bound so that R turns rendering back on, and alt+R turn rendering off.