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  1. new Skill will be taxidurmy... i hope.
  2. Fifteen Hours left. Bump
  3. I am a fellow highway builder and this looks like a lot of fun that I missed out on. As for not using sand, I too avoid using the stuff as a long enough strip turns it into spawning dessert critters. The point of a road is to funnel traffic, and for a safer travel experience.
  4. I keep a breading pair of the 5 base colors. No more then that. But for the ebonies i have, I have about 4 breeding pairs only becuase i find I'm killing off about 3/4 of the offspring. I like to keep my wagon with four on it that are not vulnerable and not cared for. hard to keep it stocked like that with the current rotation. I may need to pick up two more breeding sets to keep up.
  5. I made the mistake of raising my AH over 50. I should have linden to all the breeders who were around me. But what did they know? They had 80 AH and that 80 was a good number. Because of how often i get trash horses, I have started to level a alt up to 50. he isn't far at this point and will become my breeder. Sure, it is inconvenient since i don't priem him up often, but its better then making babies that need to be killed off which equals a total waste of time all together as you wait another 10 days for another to pop out.
  6. For now, the owner of the set wants to sell it as a whole. If the set dose not sell, then the owner may be inclined for negotiation.
  7. This Drake Set is up for sale as a whole. Starting Bid: 165s Increment: 1s Reserve: None Buyout: None Sniper Protection: 1 hour
  8. thank you warrior, I'll take that off as it really isn't a true pricing of skills.
  9. This is my main character and I have no intentions of selling him. I have been playing him since 2011 and grinding skills is not my thing to do in Wurm. I have other things I enjoy though. With the amount of time that has gone by, I figured I would just get a gauge on where he sits. He has Enchant Grass from the meditation path of Love. If i were to guess, about 50e as I still consider him a starter character.
  10. The name alone has me worried about the integrity of the player.
  11. I have heard this before. The easy answer is this is equivalent to the one tile wide with sand on each side requirement. A wide highway makes it easier to see mobs. The in depth reason is that for me highways are what I enjoy doing. You have those people who like to sit in front of a forge for days on end. You have those who like to mine all the time. I like to see progress in a reasonable amount of time. A road takes a lot of time, especially the three tiles wide. Also having three tiles wide allows for road art that I feel is ascetically pleasing. Deli has had a reputation for having nice roads so I put effort into maintaining that standard. The new road system being implemented will allow for easy removal of unused roads and I'll be out there removing some my self when that happens. But the new system from what I am told does not support three tile wide highways as well. So I'll have to see what is given to us in that regard so I can properly plan for it.
  12. The road path followed the one that has been there for years. It never was an official road untill now. It is two lanes along the edge of the lake and three lanes now for the rest. There are plans to make it three lanes along the mountain side, though that will require more dirt than I have e stashed away right now. Poison basically did 95% of this whole project. He has this mining alt that is a beast with his skills and has been online e more often then I have. Basically we discussed what how's and whys we were doing it the way we were. We could have done a tunnel but it was desired to surface mine. The reason. For this is the part that goes by the lake it self is a trap as once you enter it you have to make a run for it at this point as you will have e more s on you as you slowly crawl up the mountain side. The hope is that when you get to the top before you turn that you have enough stamina to pull away from your pursuers at the flat level area I stead of going up another 20 slope hill again. If it were a tunnel you would have to worry about special cave spawning creature's.
  13. People keep wanting to consolidate so people are in one place. But I think most people don't want some one moving in next to them. Basically one of those "not in my backyard" thing. We want nuclear power but I don't want the plant any where near me. Look at the deli thread for example. One guy want to turn it into a oak forest where there are no deeds. The people with deeds don't want the oak trees. Others do t want other deeds near them. Wile other people have trader deeds all over the server and claim those areas as their area that they don't want some one changing. Then you see the let's close other servers down as long as it is t mine.
  14. Nice work there. I plan to get to the east west part this week my self as I have killed two ore veins with 9k hit each and am going stir crazy
  15. Nice one Finn, that was the size of my cats. The next cat I want sis a maincoon. Another one of them cats that think they are a dog, but not as high maintenance as a dog.