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  1. If this is the concern. Why not turn off the option for a new character to spawn on Xanadu. Let them go any where else and then choose to move to the promise lands after they have had enough time to know what a lagless server is like. Takes care of noobs getting the wrong opinion of wurm.
  2. Thank you Tristanc, that was the issue. As for all my drivers, I have picked through everything, and every thing is as up to date as I can plug into the sucker.
  3. Well, didn't even realise I was in the WU thread, meant to be in WO. As for drivers, I'll have to see what I am missing, I did grab every thing off of the manufactures website. As for OBS, no, its a laptop, 8 years old at this point.
  4. I first modified the setting to set many things to low because, well it is a laptop. When I couldn't click the bed and tried the things as mentioned, I then re-logged using the default settings from when you first install the game. Still no dice. Yes, it is checked as so. I think this is the right log for you?
  5. I just did a Format C: and reinstalled windows onto a 2010 laptop. It played wurm online with out issues up until the new client came out. I didn't bother updating wurm on it at that point because I knew I was going to reformat it. The game loaded up with out issue, I was able to walk around, selected stuff in my inventory, and figured after one minute of being online every thing was good so I was going to log back out as I was still playing my main on the desktop. This is when I went up to the bed and tried to select it, and could not. Then I noticed nothing I placed the mouse over would highlight. Like I said, I could select stuff in my inventory and even move things around in it. But no interaction with the world around me. If there are any other suggestions or items I should weed out, please post below.
  6. update

    I am a highway builder over on deli. Because of how deeds are set up. The goal setting up a catseye system from the north coast to the south coast cutting through greendog isn't able to happen. Many deeds have there edge right up to the edge of the road and the owners ha not been seen in months. Also announcing publicly what work you plan to do, even if it is a work around brings the trolls out who don't like highway to put deeds in your path. I would prefer to just work with existing roads and not make new ones as I don't want to turn the server into a parking lot. But to be able to set up such a path I may have to talk to the small group of highway workers on the server and see if the ability to construct a whole new path "surprise buttsecks" style.
  7. Killing ore veins takes a lot of time and requires patients. Bsbs will need to be brought in for the stuff to be stored quickly for those power miners. I am working on catseye for a highway my self. I may be able to bring the alt army over for a vein but no promises.
  8. I happen to have a priest for naho who already has a hundred faith I can park him there and Link him with someone and also give his premium time that he's got the only has about a week left but you are free to use them if you start it now
  9. This event is supposed to end today.
  10. new Skill will be taxidurmy... i hope.
  11. Fifteen Hours left. Bump
  12. I am a fellow highway builder and this looks like a lot of fun that I missed out on. As for not using sand, I too avoid using the stuff as a long enough strip turns it into spawning dessert critters. The point of a road is to funnel traffic, and for a safer travel experience.
  13. I keep a breading pair of the 5 base colors. No more then that. But for the ebonies i have, I have about 4 breeding pairs only becuase i find I'm killing off about 3/4 of the offspring. I like to keep my wagon with four on it that are not vulnerable and not cared for. hard to keep it stocked like that with the current rotation. I may need to pick up two more breeding sets to keep up.
  14. I made the mistake of raising my AH over 50. I should have linden to all the breeders who were around me. But what did they know? They had 80 AH and that 80 was a good number. Because of how often i get trash horses, I have started to level a alt up to 50. he isn't far at this point and will become my breeder. Sure, it is inconvenient since i don't priem him up often, but its better then making babies that need to be killed off which equals a total waste of time all together as you wait another 10 days for another to pop out.
  15. For now, the owner of the set wants to sell it as a whole. If the set dose not sell, then the owner may be inclined for negotiation.