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  1. There is now a tunnel that goes from Rainbow Lake to the West coast of Deli just next to Deliverance Harbor. The entire path supports large ships. No longer do the inner lakes near Greendog have to go north out the canals if one wants to travel west. The west side of rainbow lake is clay and so I have placed buoys marking the channel where you can cross without striking ground.
  2. I have added a boat tunnel and finished the land canal so that all boats can pass from Rainbow Lake to the west coast. I am still putting buoys up to mark the channel so that will take time since you can only put one Buoy up a day. Boat Canal starts on the west coast at [150, 830] [415, 830]. Turns South at [415, 830] [415, 850] The surface canal that can be seen is now connected and full dug out as I said so that is now active.
  3. The highway going from deliverance harbor and east has had a reroute done a short section. It is now a straight line starting at deli harbor all the way to just across the surface canal. [145, 898 ] [439, 898] Portion between [289, 898] [439, 898 that tracks around the south side of the new line has been discontinued. When the road was first made in 2011, a player put a deed up at the end of the route I had made while I logged out for the night. I had to make a route around them, with no deeds in the way now, I fixed it to be as straight as possible.
  4. As I buy the stuff or make it my self, I will keep updating how much I need and am willing to purchase. Mortar Needed: 70,000
  5. I have a large project coming up, and have grown burnt out making the 10k I have already. I need about 75,000 of the stuff. Well not quite that much but extra is nice to have. I live on Deliverance. Send me a message if you have some you want to sell.
  6. Getting out to other islands is fun. Xandu, not so much. That castle design was put up a long time ago and even now I don't know what would work better, as the deed was designed around the building it self. I could keep the build and just change out the walls as it was built before the other materials had come out. As I now will be using slate and marble in the build, perhaps a third type of brick. There are some things that I don't care for. One the main entrance into the building is from the south, but the tunnel is to the west. So its a bit of a run around to get into the main building. Not much but enough to add more turns that I don't care for. Storage of bulk goods is the major draw back. The multiple floors was intended to for storage but hoicking stuff up and down a latter with a rope is a PITA. So I will want to design it with easy access ramps in the future. The 5x5 foot print was chosen as I also wanted to host sermon parties as they were a thing back in the day. While also providing people the opportunity to do their crafts while they stood around. Also I had toyed with the idea of perhaps hosting a Impalong up there, but the building is to small for that, the hike up the mountain takes to long, and no sea access means people wouldn't make the trip. So the new design will take all this into account. If you get off your horse at the top of the mountain, there is an accolade for tiles above sea level achieved, or just walk it, just be sure to bring water. The small barrels of water I leave in the tunnel go missing once every 4 months so I stopped leaving them to stop and drink about 6 months ago.
  7. Put it up on pastebin the long way.
  8. Hello all. Recently I had began a new deed after finishing the mountain one. I have been gathering slate and marble. Which isn't easy to find, especially in the quantities I wanted. While those bricks were made and stashed away, I got to making the mortar. That is when it occurred to me, why place such rare resources into a deed that isn't even that important to me and is only being done to keep me busy in game? My mountain deed had its top done back in 2016. The longest part was the access tunnel up to the top of the mountain at G 11. I still intend to build at the new deed but that idea will change as to what it is made out of. The mountain Top deed is connected on the highway network as I had hopped to get visitors but in the last 5 years, I have only had 9 people that I know of pop up there. Most of them told me they would never do the trip again :D. Any ways, I am currently up there making more mortar and will be for a bit longer. If you want to come up and see the view you are welcome to as the original design was intended to preserve the view. Normally I wouldn't even post what the deed looks like as once you do that, no one will explore it on their own. In this case, since I am about to demolish the work I have up there, I'll post what I have into a paste bin so you can look at it in Deed Planner. The satilite towers at the edge of the deed connected to the main structure via bridges was what I liked most of this design. As you can see, the deed was also some what fashioned to use the towers. The towers are there so you could get the best possible view ovedr the edge of the mountain. This is really handy when I have some kind of tree farm going, The pastebin is only good for a month from the date of this posting.
  9. This was Resolved with the last Wurm update. Go ahead and close.
  10. I know that Edge is now a mandatory feature on windows 10. you can not just uninstall it. So I went and removed it using the powershell. Not one help there. I don't even use the program. I prefer the antiquated Firefox. I have updated every driver for all my components at this point. The only option now I can think of is to do a Format: C and then start over from a clean drive. Ya, no. Not for 1 game. I had inteded to get the alt army all paid for and mine this month but not doing that if I can only mine with one character. My windows 10 Laptop is still able to load alts. But my main machine is SOL. I was thinking that perhaps the latest windows update had something to do with it so I updated my laptop. It still boots up multiple clients.
  11. Thank you for the help. I am pretty sure I didn't have a 32 bit java but to make sure, I even dove through my registry and if it said java I toasted the sucker. Alas that did not do any thing for me.
  12. I completely uninstalled wurm, deleted all files associated with it after the uninstall. Restarted the computer. Downloaded a fresh copy of Wurm. Installed it, restarted the computer. Other than loosing all the stuff I didn't want to give up in the first place, I am still having this issue.