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  1. love it here just moved in hope to build and learn more
  2. i upgraded to windows 10 its seems to work now ty everyone
  3. still crashing the whole weekend ive delete reinstalled everything 2 times nothing working and no one gives a crap not one dev or mod has even commented
  4. ok went to also found ou that the othe up above is for developers got my current version i redownloaded wurm but still cant play
  5. this is where i download java straight from oricale correct me if im wrong and please direct me via link if im rong
  6. Updated my driver card restarted computer cleared java catche This same message always appears
  7. help keeps crashing wont let me copy and paste crash report how do i
  8. well edit more sea monsters like more abundant
  9. Edit would you like more Sea monster's
  10. so i sit a great community does owner remove anything you have built or does he try to change anything you have built and if anything happend and you had to leave wurm for like a week or so he wont try and kick you from community?
  11. I agree as well as agree with selective feeding times per hour and random grass tile
  12. this is similar to my idea of water flow and he adds very good points to this subject
  13. meant to add that rivers would flow and have a current so would creeks