To allow for easier spread and ensure players of all time zones can attend one, the Melody rift will be delayed by 12 hours


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  1. i got them in the mailbox today. Thank you!
  2. yes Draveon is my characters name. ill be on almost all weekend
  3. Hello, I got second on the fishing contest in the 20 or less skill. I havent gotten my prizes yet, im on pretty frequently if you can pm me please and thank you
  4. I just got this idea. The ability to make paintings of your screenshots. They could be hung on the wall or on a easel
  5. Hi, my character name is Draveon, I'm located in Xanadu F12. I'm looking for any kind of work for coins. Willing to go almost any where. Contact me here or through the game My skills are here
  6. Maybe it should just be trade skills than. like crafting more specifically
  7. I'm all for this. It's hard enough for beginning players. It'll keep more people in the game. Probably help the economy. What's going to happen when veterans finally start quiting and the players in the game become sparce?
  8. I was thinking about the titles in the game and thought of these. Jack of all Trades - all skills at 50 or above Queen or King of all Trades - all skills 75 or above. Gender based Ace of all Trades - all skills 99 or higher These would exclude body and religion and such. Anyone else have title ideas? Feel free to comment them