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  1. Tipper, you are, without out a doubt, the man.
  2. I lived on the East coast of Serenity, and yes it was off-deed. All that remains is a guard tower called "Wallis Ridge." Again, I make no complaint that anything done to me was against the rules. I only state that raiders came with the sole purpose of causing grief and frustration for other players. There was no wealth or kingdom benefit to anything they did, just malicious enjoyment. Granted, this was over a year ago. The old neighborhood is more like a ghost town now. Anyway, not intending to hijack the thread. Just stating that, depending on your game goals, your mileage may vary with the Epic Servers.
  3. Raiding, the way I experienced it, was indeed griefing. It just happened to be sanctioned and promoted as a part of the PvP experience. I didn't expect any action on my behalf, and I didn't complain. I knew where I lived and what the risks were. There is no military benefit to doing those sorts of things to a lone farmer out on his own. It was done intentionally to cause harm and grief for their enjoyment. I still consider it griefing, just griefing that is sanctioned and encouraged.
  4. Yep. That happened to me on Serenity. Raiders (The Epic word for sanctioned griefers) would land somewhere remote and cut a swath of destruction up the coast until enough people rallied to pursue them. The only hope for tiny players like me was to run to a friend's deed with better defenses or hide in your mine and hope they didn't see you on local. Also, make sure that your mine door was rock so they wouldn't find it easily and bash it. I prefer living on my own and doing my own thing, but that's practically impossible on Epic. It was also essential that I join the large JK alliance so that I would know when raiders were about. And no, this wasn't a one-off thing. I can remember "raiders" coming through on at least 3 different occasions over the course of 6 months doing basically the same sorts of things. The last time I went and visited, I found my neighbor's place had his high stone walls bashed and his token drained of money. I just didn't find any of that contributing to my enjoyment of the PvP server experience.
  5. Or, come to Epic, have the door of your gatehouse picked, get shot through your window, your animals slaughtered, and the locks on your wagon and cart removed and replaced with high quality locks so you can't use them. For now, I'll stick with the drama in Freedom, thanks.
  6. I was doing some travelling and stopped by Glasshollow for the first time. It's like going to a shopping mall. By the time I had reviewed most of the merchants, I had forgotten where I saw the tool I wanted. Very impressive. Congrats.
  7. Recently, a key named "Apples" showed up in my inventory. I assumed it was somehow related to a knar I had borrowed called the "Golden Apple." Now, I'm not so sure. It happens now long after I'm no longer using that boat. The key disappears from my inventory and later reappears. As far as I can tell, it happens at a transition like crossing a server boundary or logging in. It's not really a hassle, but I thought I should let someone know. I'm content to just throw it away, but I worry that it might belong to someone else.
  8. I had seen that thread before. Thought I had done that, but it wasn't disabled. Changed the setting and we'll see. Thanks
  9. So, I have this graphics bug that does not occur on Xanadu, but I've seen it on my travels on Serenity and Exodus. It's very location specific. I can go back to the same spot every time and get the same results. It looks like a model for an item has twisted and stretched. Since my main is on Xanadu, it's not really a problem, but I figure I should do something about it. Anyone else have this issue? What should I do about it?
  10. If you still need a lift, I can come get you. 2s.
  11. Somehow, my original post ended up in merchant ads. Apologies. Selling dirt. 1.5s/k. Delivered and in small crates to any location in Xanadu. If delivery is in Southeast or East, price is 1s/k. Still delivered and includes crates. Will consider locations beyond Xanadu for negotiated price. PM Wallis in-game. Thanks!
  12. Selling dirt. 1.5s/k. Delivered and in small crates to any location in Xanadu. If delivery is in Southeast or East, price is 1s/k. Still delivered and includes crates. Will consider locations beyond Xanadu for negotiated price. PM Wallis in-game. Thanks!
  13. Pure genius. I'm in. I second whatever suggestions help make it balanced. I'd love to compete but wouldn't stand a chance against a well equipped horse.
  14. Wait, so both options are basically a vote to bring it back? What kind of poll is that? I say leave it alone because that's not what a mooring rope is for. The fact that a weird bit of code allowed you to do something that wouldn't be physically possible otherwise doesn't seem like a good reason to keep a "feature." If you really need it lobby for some super-long or magical rope that allows you to lead more animals. Otherwise, get a stack of regular ropes and do it the way that makes more sense.
  15. Thanks, all. Great responses. At least I know I'm following the same path that pretty much everyone else travelled.