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  1. Thank you, I'm pretty impressed at the level of detail put into the game. So far the only crafting thing I've done is mining/smithing some iron. I made two boots and one glove last night. Come at me lava spiders!
  2. Yea I had a lot of fun last night with the group, despite some internet troubles. I think I'll be staying with that crew, if they can put up with me long enough Thanks for the options and help everyone, can't wait to be a real part of the community
  3. @ Mjneal Well isn't that a stroke of luck...I picked a direction and walked around for like an hour or so and I happen to be standing at Hidden Cove (just below the places you've mentioned) so you're an incredibly short walk away. I'll log on now, I'm not sure if you're on or not but I'll head over to Hidden Cape. Hopefully this'll be fun Thanks to everyone else, this isn't a sure "yes" to Mjneal but she is the closest so yea and for everyone's information, I am on Celebration and I don't really wanna make a new character to move servers since I'm kind of attached to my name. However if you have a boat and would like to transport me that could work too. Thanks for the options so far, I'll let everyone know shortly if I've found a home with Mjneal or if I'm still looking. Thanks again, Dal
  4. Hey all, I'm Dal, a new player here in the Wurm universe. I've recently discovered that I can't deed or set a spawn at places that I build since I'm a free player. I plan on subscribing eventually, but not yet, as I havn't learned enough about the game to know if it's worth it for me to pay. However, I'd really love to get to know the game and community better so I'm looking for an honest person/group of people that can accept me as a teammate and companion. I wont do anything stupid, except for probably dying a lot, as I already have. But I'd like to learn more and start to build some things, which is something I'll have a lot of trouble doing on my own, especially without a spawn point. So thanks for reading, let me know if you have an opening anywhere. See ya, Dalindir