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  1. I play on Eanna atm. Actually the people who are in the top 20 gear scores are the ones who grinded till there. Maybe 20% or less are the players who bought all that stuff with RL cash. But the remaining are people just like in wurm, moving hundreds of packs every week to keep regrading their gear and stuff. I chose the pvp side to kill opponents and take their packs and then sell them. Obviously right now everyone can kill me, but am getting there I like the fact that gear in itself doesn't drop. Which is great for promoting pvp imo, people will fight almost every time because they have nothign to lose (unless they have packs). Also, I heard there is a new patch incoming Archeage 3.0 New races (dwarfs and demons I think), shop will be very limited on this server so that people don't go full wallet warrior mode. I don't know all the details but so far it sounds fun and I might give it a shot. Afterall it's f2p
  2. Macadelic don't take Jukimo seriously, he rages on random threads on the forums just because he got kicked out of chaos.
  3. Thanks for the info legios. I started playing with a group. And I am really enjoying the game. It can be pay to win but so is wurm. But for archeage pay to win you have to spend a lot of money, with which you could probably buy the best toon in wurm (just for a decent archeage geared toon). I never thought no loot pvp could ever be this fun. I am really enjoying it so far!
  4. That is the very basis of shield training. If you use a troll for shield training, you will get one of the highest skill gains because of the high amount of dmg it deals compared to other mobs. I am assuming they increased the dmg it took in general -> hence higher skill gain. So, probably they took this approach rather than changing anything in the code. I kinda like it, there is no issues due to this change, just a bit more repairing to do.
  5. I never had any intentions of hiding anything caus I knew I am innocent. I sold Hashirama months after the incident and when I bought it back I myself told Enki (I pmed him as I needed help with something regarding HOTS mechanics). Anyone who would be guilty wouldn't buy the account back in the first place. Well, what to do. Guess there is better things to pursue in life rather than rant about loss of some money. GL all and have fun.
  6. The wurm reddit has been getting some interesting posts lately, more fun than cat pictures! Actually, nvm cat pictures are still the best.
  7. I appreciate the players contacting me to find out more about the situation. Everyone should know.
  8. Thanks for sharing the link, I only learned today that wurm also had a reddit group!
  9. Klaa you are embarrassing yourself, check PM.
  10. I think quite a few individuals know why I am quitting wurm. Anyone and everyone who wants to know can PM me and I will give you the full details. Some of these revelations are shocking and I think every wurmian needs to know! Anyways, I enjoyed my time here in this game and I learned a lot. I spent so much time in this game that I should probably have spent studying. But, I am happy I chose that. This game helped me realize what career path I was going to take. I had a lot of fun pvping as an underdog for the entire time that I have been playing this game. So, I guess this is it. Have fun and keep wurming
  11. I haven;t really tried to go endgame in the game in any way. I haven't been grinding much in the game tbh. For now am just using whatever is at my disposal, like the glider and all that stuff. Yesterday I went to a rift with some guild mates and the monsters 1 shot me, made me realize how weak I am haha I heard from some guild mates that crafting high end gear takes a lot of time and maybe that aspect of the game is just like wurm skill grinding and is the "pay to win" factor? (Not sure yet tbh). Leveling up the toon has been pretty easy, I started playing yesterday and am already at 30 level, and the max is 55. I will play more and put my input here about how easy/hard it is to craft in the game. Will also post what kind of pvp it has compared to wurm and if it is worth it or not, stay tuned
  12. Yea I think its worth investing time, in the beginning I thought it was one more game like torchlight or others. But after playing a bit more I kinda got addicted to it
  13. Anyone tried it? Am loving the graphics so far. Crafting is less tedious as well. I think the max level is 55 atm which takes 2-3 weeks to get. The playerbase is pretty good as well and we can reach to the max level without having to buy anything. I was curious as to how the PvP was in Archeage, can anyone give me a perspective on that please? It would be cool if someone who played wurm pvp has tried archeage pvp as well, would love to know the similarities/differences.