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  1. Moved to Xanadu. Look for shop to be opening soon.
  2. Disbanded deed as of July 13th at 4:15PM EST.
  3. Stolen Knarr

    GMs took care of this. Thanks for the advice about a support ticket.
  4. Stolen Knarr

    Boat back in my possession...hull empty. Thanks for all who helped to locate it.
  5. Stolen Knarr

    Yes, tracking showed a Dulcien two days ago. As far as we know, this is not a neighbor or anyone we know and is not a friend.
  6. Stolen Knarr

    Darkside of the Moon knarr has been stolen from deed Innsmouth at M25 on Xanadu. It is a cherrywood knarr that was locked and set with permissions although it had recently crossed over the border from Release to Xanadu, so possibly had some malfunction with permissions in the transition. Sign was left that said "Dude where's my knarr!!!" on the docks. This sign was made by Ko.e. Any information that is available regarding the stolen boat or the thief would be greatly appreciated. Please send a message to Cirianna, Deathhuntsalone or Bokora in game. Thanks.
  7. Willing to sell Release deed located across from the Equine Outlet between Fort Huntsman and Poolsclosed at location H12. Lovely three story brick home (20 tiles on ground floor, 18 tiles on 2nd story and 6 tiles on 3rd story), mine, animal pen, field and merchant stall come with the deed. Animal pen currently has 40 tiles of enchanted grass (50 tiles total). Twelve bison, sixteen horses and a cow are in the pens. Two horses are five speed and the others have various positive characteristics including some four speeds. In addition, some of the bison are also four to five speed. Ores in the mine include veins of very good quality lead and very good quality iron. Large mine with high ceilings and reinforced floors. Very well kept. Deed has room for expansion. Best offer within two days. Only serious offers will be considered. Contact Cirianna, Deathhuntsalone or Bokora to purchase.
  8. Bump: Increase in Weapon Smithing to 60QL and Chainsmithing to 65QL
  9. Now open for business, the Mistress of Metal, located at L24, deep in the bay near a large patch of peat moss. Willing to create chainmail (65 or lower QL), platemail (50 or lower QL), weapons (60 or lower QL), tools (70 or lower QL) on request. Vynoran enchantments can also be performed (COC, WOA, AoSP), but these may take extra time. Delivery for requested items will be sent COD. Please leave a message below or contact Cirianna, Bokora or Deathhuntsalone in game. Current inventory at merchant stand: Enchanted 75QL mallet (oakenwood) with 69COC: 2s 74QL mallet (oakenwood) with 44COC: 1s 50c Tools 72QL saw 35c 72QL rake 35c 72QL needle 35c 71QL shovel 35c 72QL hatchet 35c 73QL leather knife 35c 73QL pickaxe 35c 72QL chisel 35c 72QL large anvil 35c 72QL scissors 35c 74QL file 35c Weapons 60QL longsword 40c 60QL huge axe 40c (sold...more coming soon) 60QL butchering knife 40c 60QL short sword 40c 60QL carving knife 40c 60QL sickle 40c 60QL scythe 40c Armor 65QL chain coif 20c 65QL chain pants 25c 65QL chain jacket 25c 65QL chain sleeves 20c (2 available) 65QL chain gauntlet 20c (2 available) 65QL chain boots 20c (2 available)
  10. 51.8QL rare butchering knife with 81COC 2 day auction starting price of 3s minimum increase of 20c buyout of 10s reserve of 5s location between poolsclosed and ft. huntsman on release; pick up or COD Timer Started: Image URL: BBCode: Hopefully this is right this time! Thanks.
  11. Closing this auction. Please see new link listed above. Thanks Tarkie.
  12. Starting price of 3s: Thanks Kegan. Minimum increase of 20 copper. Will deliver on release. COD for other servers. Timer Started: Image URL: BBCode:
  13. 51.8 QL rare butchering knife with 81 COC
  14. /signed I think if you have thieves (lockpicking, sneaking, etc) you should have more ways to track these thieves in game. I would like to see some skills other than just tracking for this. Just like communities may have smiths, woodworkers, leather workers, etc, they might someone on community watch as well who specialized in a forensics type ability. I don't see any down side to this. Just my two cents, of course.