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  1. Hmm, fascinating. Let me try it... It worked !! No bashing and rebuilding required! Thank you!
  2. I did exactly this with the push command instead of the pull command. It doesn't work.
  3. Thanks for all the replies, but still looking for an answer regarding the mine door. Is there a way for my non-GM character to remove the door to be put back up later? I don't want to have to bash down a STEEL door and then have to recreate it if I can avoid it.
  4. How do I do that? The door disappears long before I'm close enough to interact with it.
  5. Edit: Found the solution in binding a pull key (push will fail) and queuing up multiple pull commands while quickly stepping backward across the tile threshold out of the mine. No need to bash down the mine door to get the altar out. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sup! I just created a silver altar within my mine. I have a pre-existing stone altar inside and outside the mine. The silver altar is not blessed yet. I have a steel mine door. After creating and imping the silver altar, I pushed it up the mine entrance ramp to the edge of the tile that is the first tile inside the mine tunnel. When the altar reaches the edge of the tile, where it should in theory move from inside the cave to outside the cave, it stops moving and I get an error saying that I cannot push the altar into the wall. If I stand just outside and try to pull the altar, the altar does not move and I get NO message at all on a regular character and on a GM character I get the error that I am too far away from the altar to pull it no matter how close I stand. When I try to teleport the altar to the outside tile, I get the error that I'm too far away. I'm not even sure if I'm teleporting an object correctly since I've never used the TP command to TP objects around. How do I get this altar out of my mine into the overworld?
  6. So when is Wurm Unlimited going to receive the cooking update? I have players on my server waiting to play until the patch gets rolled out.
  7. So, I'm looking for an easy way to remove crop withering. I've been having to use joedobo's method (thread) to change crop tile age functionality but it's a PITA and for some reason it's not working for us right now. Would this mod loader solve this problem for us easily? Every time there's some kind of WO update, I have to go back in to server.jar and make the stupid changes again and I'd really like to find a more streamlined method of removing crop withering. Would we be able to make some kind of mod to use with this mod loader so that we don't have to keep manually editing the server.jar each time there's a WO update? Thanks in advance.
  8. I took server.jar and opened it with 7zip, finding all the .class files. I used DJ Java Decompiler to open the two .class files listed in the original post and made one change in each file, changing the integer 7 to 6. I saved the file to my desktop, resulting in and I used the official Java 8 development kit to attempt to first recompile using "javac" but it failed. It gave me ONE HUNDRED errors, all of which are on lines of code that I did not edit. What am I doing wrong? Do I need to use a different decompiler? Do I need to use a different java version to compile this .java into .class?