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  1. [17:28:13] You entered through the portal to Wurm on day of Awakening, week 3 of the starfall of the Leaf, 999. That's 1685 days, 19 hours and 33 minutes ago. I'm on right now
  2. Yes Golden Valley sorry for not specifying.
  3. Wts my old account on gv. Has a supreme oven by him and main skills are at 20* 40s PM Alfred
  4. Completed Orders Please be aware these are not all the orders we've completed. Prices may vary due to Special Sales and price changes over time. RELEASE ORDERS 3000 Dirt - 2s ORDER PICKED UP 500 bricks - 1s ORDER PICKED UP 500 bricks - 1s PICK UP PENDING 2800 dirt - 2s ORDER DELIVERED 3000 dirt - 2.2s ORDER DELIVERED 200 gold lumps - 40c ORDER DELIVERED 500 rope - 1.5s - IN PRODUCTION 3000 dirt - 2.2s ORDER DELIVERED 500 bricks 500 mortar - 2.5s ORDER DELIVERED 3000 dirt ORDER DELIVERED Animal orders 4 cows and 1 bull - 1s ORDER PICKED UP 2 bison - 60c ORDER PICKED UP
  5. Goods can be picked up from Montcastra (X32, Y15) or Montcastra docks(X31, Y13) We offer a variety of goods including bulk supplies, rope making, leveling and building contracts. KNARR DELIVERY NOW AVAILABLE Bulk 1000 bricks - 2s 500 in stock 1000 mortar - 3s 500 in stock 1000 planks - 1s 1000 dirt - 1s 10 support beams - 75c 10 bsb - 90c 500 nails 1s 500 small nails in stock Fence package 300 planks 300 shafts 150 nails 1s Ropes Thick rope 30c Cordage rope 10c mooring rope 5c Ship yard Sail boat 1s 2 in stock Corbita 5s Orders over 2k get additional 10% value *So an order of 2k bricks will get you 2200 bricks PM Alfred/quilles