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  1. Two fully geared, cared for horses hitched to my cart for the last three years died a few weeks ago. Deed ratio is fine and the tile underneath them was not packed.
  2. This is a really nice server. Great map with lots of open spaces. Nice multipliers without being absurd. Bounty system is not over the top, so you have to work a little for upkeep. Excellent work, happy to be a part of it.
  3. Birch bark has so many uses, it would be perfect for Wurm. Containers tannin clothing/armor birch beer
  4. My rare oven is doing the same thing.
  5. Ropemaking is a gateway skill. It's great to have a high level, but ultimately you are going to grind it in order to make quality cordage more efficiently. And the cordage is for channel grind. This is the trade off. It may be a slower grind to get the ropemaking skill higher, but your threshold for creating decent cordage is way lower than it was before. You then get to start your channel grind sooner than you previously would. I created bow strings all the way up to 70 before starting cordage. I would have gladly traded gains in ropemaking if I could get cordage around 45-50 using a good tool.
  6. I appreciate the response, but is it safe to go back in the water? What's the point if this stuff is going to change every time you tweak it?
  7. Seriously, this is complete nonsense. I've spent the last few days chopping, pressing and tasting my way to a spreadsheet detailing ingredients and the affinity bonuses I receive from meals. Now, they are suddenly all different. What the hell is with that? Devs, I loved your work on the update. It's complicated and I'm making my way through it slowly, but this is just about all I can take with the randomly generated hot garbage. I can understand each cook and each person having different affinities for meals. Fine. But are you telling me that I have to figure this stuff out each time the server resets? This is really unacceptable.
  8. There are plenty of abandoned ruins and ill advised terraforming projects scarring all servers that could use a little destruction. Why not target those places? Use your little flying mechanic to find spots that could use some reset.
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    Thanks for the catch. Post has been updated.
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    Affinity is medium maul