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  1. As a Wu player who will get just about 60 recipes i prefer option A.
  2. Nice update @Retrogradecant wait to see it in WU
  3. hmm i had an intressting idea (no absolutly not stolen from sindursk wyvern reborn server (so credit given)). what about a spell that teleports you to the starter deed. with that spell and your home teleport from meditation we will maybe be able to make a small market on the starter deed. would be a fun thing. sindursk used this as a body ability like the home teleport from meditation. maybe hes willing to share it /edit and thanks for all the new things you add
  4. hmm was just thinking if its possible to get a surface mining level command... would be a nice to have but no high priority
  5. [old thread]

    @Iberis would it be possible to share the clear soil mod?
  6. In the epic disscusion section is a topic where 113 People voted for a merge, if these people would start playing again on epic there would be no need for a merge (dont forget that most people use more than 1 toon they could have a higher population than xanadu )
  7. Sklotopolis - PVE

    damn i should have disband my deed instead giving it to enno XD (just kidding) i wish you all a nice slaying and remember me sometimes XD
  8. hi army i had my first invasion today and just got some hearts....maybe we can make it so saccing hearts would have a chance to spawn an item.... just an idea...
  9. Del

    Im still hoping that scadouge will host a high rate server sometimes for people who cant spend to much time on Wurm
  10. Close

    If you have knowledge wurm seems to be able to be modded in everything you want XD this was made from a russian guy on his server Dark Winter to bad its just a low rate server but as you can see there are a lot of changes possible!
  11. maybe something like this would be an better way to implement the rift invasion. Just without the templer setting and just a toggle in village setting and of course with no terraforming...just an idea. couldnt try out the Feature as im still to low with equippment but it sounds reasonable
  12. Do i understand it right that you want a refund for a item you used for a really long time and got the full advantage of this?
  13. When you add the last piece of a fence just walk a bit off when the action doesnt finish. Its just becouse you are to near to the fence.
  14. This cheatmod makes a spyglass avaible for everyone not just the choosen ones. Xyp i dont understand whats your proplem? There are much worse cheatmods around than the mods of sindusk so calm down and relax, its just a Game
  15. @MaurizioAMi woudnt say WU is better but the casual gamer in wo will just scrap the surface even after one year full play. -just for example i never participated in wo on a slaying becouse i never had the time. -you cant skill everything in wo becouse you wont have the time (example high FC items) -to build up a nice deed take ages - i couldnt be a priest becouse i could do nothing else anymore for me is wu like a revelation and it will be for a long time even with max skillgain and actiontimers wu provides just more than wo.