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  1. +1 to having to sail for stuff. You can load a cart on your ship, and sailing isn't a skill, so what gives? This would create a vast net of merchants trading resouces, as well as a job. People would offer services to transport huge load of materials. It would increase the social aspect of the game tenfold. And some people might even buy deeds in different servers, just to have an steady supply. I see no downside to this idea, Of course, some people will complain.. but the main complain I see here is "people don't want to sail". Well, have a new type of merchant, the "stock merchant" cheap to buy, but can only sell certain stuff, and sells in bulk.
  2. Well, I'm from pristine, Any way to get a map of release, or coordinates? Ok, I found the map. Will be delivering them in a short while
  3. A total of 6 of them. 1 silver 20 copper each. Contact me in game (same name)
  4. Well, yes, it is, as you say, shrimpie, highly exploitable. Couldn't find if it was reported before, that's why I posted.
  5. When storing string of cloth in a BSB/crate, the quality averaging of different items is totally wrong. Having a stack of 90 strings QL 17, I added a QL 30.06 one, and it resulted in 91 strings of cloths QL 25.54 or something similar. I assume the expected result would be a minor variation of quality, not a big one. From then, I tested with different qualities/quantities. The closer to volume 0.20 I get the closer to the expected result I get. It also works both ways. like, 30 QL 30 stings will be brought down to 7 or so by adding a QL 1 string. Steps to reproduce it: . 1: have 50 strings of cloth quality 50 on a BSB/crate. 2: add a QL 1 string to the mix. Edit: The issue seems to be that it's comparing weight on inventory and volume in storage. As occupies very little volume (1/200th of weight), the last string you add counts 200 times, thus changing wildly the quality. The same occurs with every "ultra-dense" substance (way less volume than weight). I think this could be easily solved with simply calculating the weight of items in a BSB/crate, besides the volume.
  6. 300 bricks ---> 30 copper Contact me on the forums for large orders. Will deliver free of extra charges at any coast in Pristine.
  7. -1. The fact that the transporter looks small is a shorthand. You supposedly load a ship ON TOP of it, so it's supposed to be as large as the ship. But regardless of that, there's the fact that, from a gameplay perspective it'd be quite broken. Load a corbita with a ship transporter. drag a couple horses. When you hit land, unload the transporter, load the corbita on it, hitch the horses, and you'd have a totally amphibious system.
  8. This would give an extra use to some animals, as you'd be able to get some usage from their feces. Manure would accelerate tree (and crops) growth by something like a 3 or 5 %. Compost piles would be similar to log piles, but using manure instead dirt, having them burn either faster or longer.
  9. 6 silver for the northern part, 6 silver 50 copper for the southern part.
  10. A ship with square sails steered by two side rudders connected to each other. It is locked with a lock of poor quality. It is made from lindenwood. You will want to polish the "For Sale" with a pelt to improve it. Ql: 31.94144, Dam: 0.0. Moored at Clay harbor, pristine. No crates or rafts: 5 silver. Can deliver, but there'd be an extra charge based on distance.
  11. Feel free to add me: X15, Y28, Shanara's Retreat, on an artificial island.
  12. Found a male foal. Black in colour, name is Dognotch. Somehow the lil thing had swam all the way to my island.
  13. Yes, this is clearly a reasonable reaction. Destroy someone's character and enjoyment because you didn't receive a reward that you never had. Seems reasonable to me.
  14. Had a similar problem yesterday with logs... except sometimes they'd form 2 piles, in 2 different tiles, by themselves, even if I was standing on the same spot and not moving at all. It's not a gamebreaking bug... but it is kinda annoying.