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  1. Should probably try this game, or maybe Life is Feudal instead of Wurm.
  2. This right here just sealed the deal for me. Being lied to is one thing, But being made to feel like an idiot because I didn't realize this was fixed is beyond anything I'm prepared to pay for anymore. Maybe if there was some kind of organized documentation for this game, it'd be different.
  3. Sorry. I know you are PR and all, but this is just too little too late. The excuse is a watered down version of the seriousness of the event. I know myself and pretty much my entire village are bringing our dollars to other games. Rolf made this bed with his inept management and unprofessional attitude, and it's a pattern that seems to be the norm more than a passing fad. It was fun while it lasted.
  4. At that last bit of IRC logs.... I don't even.... Hey, ban me if you want, but ###### this game now. I can't believe I just dropped more money on three premium accounts. Un-######-real. I feel so duped right now.
  5. Bob, I don't have a problem with the exploit being dealt with, and even with input from the community over a short period of time, but the real issue here is with how it was implemented. And I'm pretty sure everyone knows that this ###### was handled like a total amatuer. Even the trolls will know this...trust me, I am one of them.
  6. This isn't about people telling a person how to run his company. This is a company telling their customers that they don't give a ###### about their business. And I don't need to be an expert in everything to know when you see a complaint responded to in a way with which Rolf just did, you are doing it wrong. But, you get a 7/10 from me at any rate. Decent troll, but this topic is too hot right now to get a perfect 10.
  7. But as far as everyone was concerned, no changes to game mechanics were made to warrant moving said items. So, everyone continued to go about business as usual...oh yeah, except for the people that knew about the change to the game mechanics.
  8. 16:38 <&Rolf> no i have other important things to do in my life besides listening to upset players that do not agree with a ruling Real nice. Real nice. And you want people to continue to pay money for this type of crap?
  9. See, the information is out there. On the Wiki, somewhere hidden deep in these forums, also likely in one of those update messages you have to click on at start up from many moons ago. It's even right there when you place the damned thing. However, the ONE place it should be, lit up like Broadway, is right there when you are about to make a 50s mistake. Shoddy coding if you ask me.
  10. And so what if you get hammered because you rush in all Jackburton style. Have some friggin fun for once, instead of always worrying about mah gears!!!!
  11. Don't want to be taken seriously? Make moar posts like this. I could be a troll here and just say you are stupid to think that there is no player input in the PvP system for Wurm. That's the short reply. The long of it is that you simply have no clue what you are talking about...self admittedly. Your PvP encounters are limited by a half dozen instances and an overwhelming majority of those were spent running from the PvP. Your whole PvP experience has strictly dealt with one single aspect of the experience, evading. And with this in mind you've decided that it's high time for you to suggest a better combat system for a game because it would be more reliant on player input? If you want a better explanation of how Wurm PvP is player driven and not just a skill numbers game, then send me a PM in the forums here. That way I'll know I'm talking to someone who actually wants to learn, and not just some guy looking for some jimmies to rustle.
  12. 2500+ posts, and I am left wondering if you even really play this game. All ###### aside, honest question here, have you ever seen an enemy in game? Or is this a really long, drawn out, round about way, of you introducing what you'd like to see PvP become because you don't like the all or nothing aspect of the loot system? This is not a troll, it's just the way I talk and I know I come off as brash, and crude, but I can't change who I am. If it offends you, tough titties.
  13. Go play board games already. You'll be a happier person for it.
  14. So much information fail around here.
  15. I looked at Farmer's Salve, Candles, Healing Covers. It was none of them. It can't be lye cause you can't load it into an altar. The only thing I didn't try was concrete so far. And if it's concrete, then how the hell is a Lib priest supposed to dig up all the mats for it. Looks like the search has been narrowed down a bit, but I don't see a double favor saccing item for Lib priests just yet.