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  1. Under the new European law, which gives Eeuropean citizens the right to be forgotten, Code Club is most likely obliged to submit to requests of deletion. Restrictions are listed based upon scientific value of that data (among others), but none of those seem to be of relevance here. For reference: Article 6(1)A Be aware of these laws, Code Club. Sweden is part of europe, so this law applies here. Don't make any rash decisions. For reference:
  2. Starting bid: 3s Minimum increment: 25c Buyout 5s Location: Pristine. Mailed to anywhere, CoD payed for by me.
  3. In before: Houses are no longer protected as they are used to enclose vast areas, which was never what they were intended for. So there it is: 96, 84, 72, 60, 48, 36, 24 carp requirements for those new enclosures.
  4. Our lawns! what did you do to our lawns? I smell a WIP from the art team that snuck in again. that or some goofy grass spreading bug appearing
  5. Had a quick go while shipbuilding. This is a WIP (have to do windows, clean up etc. but do tell if you like the idea) Also, what buildings/resources do you want ondeed? (adding more angles of different buildings soon, tell me which ones you want to see most.) Album here: Overview: Topdown: Edit: some minor changes. The collage and album may have a few tiles differing from the overview as the deed plan was reworked slightly.
  6. Nearly no place on the east either. unless you want to live on a mountaintop.
  7. Read through suggestions again and updated. Also small bump to not have this drowned in xanadu topics.
  8. Read the disclaimer. I am not stating my personal opinion; anything written on front post is written by commenters on this and Rolf's thread. That said, I have added the last comments to the first page if they included something that wasn't already there.
  9. Interresting. Thanks for sharing. Seems like one side didn't have time to suggest anything. In the mean time, the /shout wars about traders rage on.
  10. Thanks Seara, The aim was to get suggestions flowing from both sides to help the developers out with a viable system, but I suppose this works in town square too. A secondary aim was to move the discussion off Freedom chat to a place where it will be easier for them to see.