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  1. sold

    I do agree, one of the best if not the best looking items in Wurm to date. More of this please!
  2. Watching/Listening to these podcasts reduces the negative mental affects of skill grinding irl by at least 50%. +1 as always for your videos.
  3. sold

    10s, this one is my chance! *Altered price based on some replies to other threads etc* Could I see a pic of it without the drake helm on? Also like Auvry said, are they no drop? And do they take damage in combat, if so, can they be repaired/imped?
  4. sold

    My point is, there is the chance of getting more in the future on freedom, right? Cause if not, I'd be tempted to bid more than silakka if there were only ever that one.
  5. sold

    Straight in there...and I was about to offer 20 ;( Any ideas if these items are one of a kind, or if they will be given out at future challenge rounds?
  6. +1 for more clothing. Someone could easily work on that either as a volunteer or spare time without interfering with the development of the rest of the game.
  7. You cannot expect GM's to get involved in every case of someone not RP'ing properly and then banning them or removing them from the server, where they may have made a deed etc. That is NEVER gonna happen. Players can already do this... Join Chaos -> Form a deed/PMK -> You can now kick/kill/whatever people who do not participate correctly and you have a thriving RP community with a king, and a whole bunch of other official titles etc. The features are all there, it just needs people to make it work.
  8. Thats called Body Strength and Catapult skills
  9. 95coc lion pelt, CoD that to Lexika.
  10. Thats clickbait for ya Gets more attention than: Game Development now costs slightly less but don't forget about all the other stuff you still have to pay for! It makes small scale / indie / personal / hobbyist, whatever you want to call it, dev pretty close to "free" though, as they don't have most of those overheads or can opt to do much of it for free/themselves. (For example just using free marketing, making their own art assets etc)