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  1. I have not been able to log in all day and most of the night.... When i start the client it lets me click the play button which then takes me to the logging in screen and that's where it stays on most attempts, on the odd occasion it will log me into the game, where nothing renders i can't move or even type..... I am not the only one having this problem, i have tried to re install Java and the Client and still no luck, Any Ideas ???? Just as i submitted this post the problem was fixed, even if it did take Comodo to PM a GM lol Thank you for fixing the problem
  2. gets stuck at logging into server screen..... any ideas from the community would be helpful as we haven't gotten any feedback on this issue.
  3. Eastern Australia, having the same problem
  4. Is the 2hand longsword (Nim70,LT81,COC87) Ql 80.13 for 5.75s still available?? If so COD to Ozzieoutlaw please
  5. this is getting beyond a joke!! even tried to manual install as the Mod above stated and still the same thing...... i say we get compensated max SB and a months free premium after this stuff up!!!!
  6. any updates on this issue from devs?? hopefully when i wake up in morning they would of fixed this problem
  7. Downloaded graphics pack and same damn error
  8. Deleted all files to do with graphics in pack folder.. graphics update pack is at 50% downloaded will update when finished
  9. Still the same Error.....5 hours SB please
  10. getting the same problem here... we all knew this was coming with the patch, going to just keep trying i guess!!!
  11. Can i please get WhyKickaMooCow deed added to the map directly to the sw of dragon shores please, and thank you for the continued work, doing a great job
  12. i'm after 1k bricks and 1k mortar if possible!! will need crates also please. i'm on east coast deli and would like delivery. pm me in game or on here please Cheer's
  13. Totally agree with you on the perim permissions for mining etc, As a deed owner on freedom i would love to see the Dev team bring this in... if not as tobaul stated i will not be a deed owner for much longer if nothing happens to permissions, so please consider this wisely, I think i will not be the only Mayor with this view
  14. Pickaxe iron coc 85 Mallet coc 81 Shovel coc 88 Could you Imp the Pickaxe to 90ql and COD to OzzieOutlaw please