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  1. Last price reduction before disbanding.
  2. I am looking to sell my coastal deed on the Northeast Island on Release. Name: Birchwood Shores (BS for short) Size: 21x33 Guards: 1 Upkeep: over 71 days (from May 10, 21:11 MST) Veins: 2 Iron (62ql and 70ql) both on deed Location: Southeast corner of Northeast Island. X44/Y9 or 24E on ingame map Near Valaheim Market (connected by road) Clay nearby (connected by road) Reeds on deed Kelp nearby Buildings: 2- 1x3 Gatehouses 3x5 Workshop with 2 forges, loom, and all 3 altars (stone) 3x5 Inn w/2 beds 1x1 Gazebo Notes: Partially walled, fenced in farm (5x12), animal pen (5x6), Planted Orchard with multiple tree types (Maple, Apple, Cherry, Lemon, Olive, and some grapes), mostly terraformed and only about 1/2 has been developed. Cows and bull available with negotiation. Price: 10s PM here for more info.
  3. *face palm* I knew I forgot something in that post. I was looking to get 4.5s for it.
  4. Willow, 20 ql. Currently moored at Lotus Landing. Comes with lock and anchor. 4.5s
  5. Hey, I have a corbita I'm trying to sell on Release. It is currently moored at Lotus Landing. I was looking to get 5s for it, let me know if you're interested.
  6. Sorry Oreo, not all of us enjoy playing PvP. Some of us enjoy other parts of the game without having to worry about who is going to stab us in the back.
  7. Being able to "ship" animals would bring in more economy transactions also. I know there are some places I'd love to have bison or bulls for hills, but they are too remote (islands) for me to get them there in a reasonable fashion. I'd also rather see them take up a cargo slot like a raft or crate rather than a passenger slot as they would be more like cargo than passengers.
  8. Attacks like this are getting old. It's a good thing I'm not able to fight back against these people... My Marine Corps training wants to "fix" the issue.