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  1. Very nice, would be fantastic to see this suggestion put into practice. Less land bridges more water please!
  2. Terrible map, possibly worse than the first. The original idea of making a water based map was GREAT, but it was done without enough islands. This map has land bridges (Mind you only 2/3 kingdoms get it which is silly) which I think defeated the whole idea of making boat warfare/raiding better. Go back to the drawing board and perhaps use Zekezors map suggestion where he added a few islands, that map was perfect.
  3. Why not just live on elevation? Share the same risk as everyone else. You can't get all the rewards for living on a home server.
  4. I've stopped premium on all my accounts until they address key issues with the game. Might not even bother coming back to be honest. It seems as if the only language companies understand these days is that money talks. What happened to the holistic approach where customers were considered important?
  5. Bumping thanks to the new recruits we gained. Looking for anyone else who's looking to join the largest and first placed deed on new Affliction.
  6. This. Affliction probably has the most free land since it only opened a month ago.