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  1. Boats & rivers confirmed
  2. There is a tunneling stretch goal, but there will be no above ground terraforming. We're actually really close too the tunneling goal, and will more than likely reach it before the December 31 cut off date for stretch goals. Soulbound Studio's has set goals, and they will meet them. They are taking this very professionally if you ask me. They aren't promising the world at all. We all know they won't make their December 2017 delivery date, every mmo ever released has released either too early with bugs, or a little later with less bugs... It's just something you have to expect.
  3. Nah, its not perma death like you think. Its based on renown. Peasants have low renown, kings have very high renown. A king perma-dies after 6 deaths, or less if he's very old. A peasant can die over 200 times before they actually perma die. After you perma-die, you start playing the game as your kid, who has a 2x or so boost in every skill your parent had.
  4. https://chroniclesofelyria.com/ Store just went live. Kickstarter packages are available until october 28th. This is your LAST CHANCE to get unique Kickstarter packages before they change them on October 28th. Please support this AMAZING game. 100% worth. The game is already funded passed its goal, and is slated for full release in December 2017, beta's, and alpha's accessible through KS packages will start as soon as next March with Alpha 1.
  5. The argument is that epic has 20 active players, not the playstyle, though that's another topic. Currently all we want is to merge so we have actually people to play with in an MMO
  6. +1 would play again if playerbase was unified.
  7. Does this game still have a subscription fee? Why? WHY!? Make free, gain noobs, ??? Propheteer
  8. This is really needed, valrei is now basically unplayable.
  9. WorldStar

    What does this have to do with world star? That's a wal-mart... WAL-MART L2read
  10. Lol, agree'd. Bachus get's it. The idea isn't really to give players anything meaningful, it's just a scale on which wurm has the ability to reward the player, but doesn't currently use it.
  11. The bonuses aren't meant to be super meaningfull in any way, just those little "Hey I got something cool randomly" type of moments that nobody really expects but its something nice every once in a while. 1000 skill is a total noob 50 euro account btw, 1000 skill sounds like a lot, but when you've got 10-20 in everything + your main skills it adds up fast. If you compare any of my examples with sotg you are really delusional.
  12. Clearly didn't understand anything at all. Thanks for the negative comments. You are really a constructive influence on the wurm community +1
  13. Unlock milestones, a new type of achievement, per 1000 total skill points gained. Every milestone acts like a trait for your character such as faster run speed, slower food/water drain, quicker skill gain, etc... One time buffs/rewards could be made available as well such as reaching 5000 total skill gives your character a free 1s. I think I counted 140 total skills, which means 14000 total skill, and 14 milestones. It could range from silly bonuses at lower level, to really helpful stuff at the top tier or just generally useless, but quality of life improvements that amount to a significant help at higher tier. I'll lay out a list of how it could work as an example, but these idea's are really just off the top of my head. 1000: 5% increased bite resistance (To help noobs out early on) 2000: Slightly decreased food/water drain 3000: 5% increased damage against mobs (Again, just a helpful nooby buff) 4000: Moderately reduced food/water drain 5000: 1s suddenly appears in your inventory! 6000: +1 quality on all items gathered/created 7000: Slightly decreased wear on all tools used 8000: Chance to critically fail gathering/creating items eliminated (Those random 1ql logs/ores/etc you get even at high skill) 9000: Moderately reduced wear on all tools used 10000: 5s suddenly appears in your inventory! 11000: Greatly reduced food/water drain 12000: +2 quality on all items gathered/created 13000: Greatly reduced wear on all tools used 14000: 1km Walk speed boost Considering the highest total skill uploaded to niarja currently is 8k I figure that list seems fair. If people have more idea's the buffs could be changed to every 500 total skill instead of 1000. I realize some of these suggestions might look OP, and I don't doubt that at all, it's just an example and anyone is free to throw in their criticism's,